Do you like donuts? Here you can eat the best in town

Do you like donuts? Here you can eat the best in town

Donuts stopped being an American invention a long time ago. They are already an indisputable part of the gastronomic traditions of several parts of the world. This exquisite doughnut has different presentations and names around the world such as in France, crullers; in Italy, bomboloni; in Canada, persians. But you don’t have to travel to try them, if you like donuts we tell you where you can eat them in Barcelona.

Whether they are glazed and spongy doughnuts or those that are called Berliner doughnuts (they are filled and have no hole in the center), you will surely want to sweeten up in these places in Barcelona that prepare them with the greatest dedication.

Do you like donuts? Eat them here


They are experts in donuts, although they also specialize in cinnamon rolls. You can find a wide variety of flavors while preserving the deliciousness of traditional doughnuts.

La Donutería

You will be able to taste gourmet style donuts. It is truly the temple of donuts and each one is a work of art and combination of ingredients and flavors. One of the house specialties is the dulce de leche donut with toasted almonds, Maldon salt and cocoa crumbs.


Delicious donuts of different flavors but differ in their shape. They are not the classic circular ones with a hole in the center, but have the shape of the doll of your brand image. Throughout Barcelona, it has nine locations. Good prices and delicious coffee too.


Their differential is that they are experts in the elaboration of vegan products, with little sugar and prepared with natural ingredients. If you like this lifestyle, Chök donuts offer a healthy combination.

Travel & Cake

In addition to donuts, you can find cakes, brunch, coffee and pastries. The restaurant is known for the delicious and fantastic chocolate donuts, as well as banana bread, cupcakes, pastries and cakes. The prices are good, the place is cozy and with tables outside.


They have two locations, one in the Gràcia area and the other in Raval, where you can taste delicious raspberry, cream, chocolate or lemon donuts accompanied by a delicious coffee. The name of the place comes from the Greek word for donut. It offers donuts in a variety of flavors and combinations and is considered the pastry shop with the best donuts in town.

Dunkin’ Coffee

It has been a world-renowned franchise since 1950. It arrived in Spain in 1995, consolidating its position in the country. In Barcelona you can find more than five locations. It offers a variety of donuts, including themed donuts for Christmas or Halloween. If you like donuts you will find them here in a variety of flavors and very appetizing.