3 restaurants where you can eat crocodile and other exotic dishes

3 restaurants where you can eat crocodile and other exotic dishes

If a crocodile, snake or bison were in front of you, they would not hesitate to make you their main course. But if you have a plate of these prepared meats in front of you, would you eat it? In Barcelona you have the option of finding different restaurants to eat crocodile and other exotic dishes that are the sensation.

Within the menu you will be able to choose for example the python stew that comes from the kitchen to your table, carefully prepared. You can also let yourself be surprised by a crocodile in the middle of the mist, well better smoked under a bell. But if you prefer, you can also eat zebra skewers, crocodile burger or kangaroo sirloin. It all depends on your tastes and on your fearless carving and slicing skills.

Where to eat crocodile and other exotic dishes in Barcelona

1. Sanabres

Here you can eat their specialty: python stew. Snake ready in 5 minutes. Sanabres is a family-run charcuterie that offers, in addition to this dish, other preparations such as cured beef cutlets and other rare items.

Rafa Gonzalez, its owner, speaks with full knowledge about pythons and crocodiles. The restaurant began by bringing in exotic meats such as zebra, kangaroo, crocodile and camel. All are prepared grilled and without any accompaniment (sauces or bread) in order to be able to distinguish the flavors well. Only the python is stewed because it looks like chewing gum when grilled. He comments that some diners assimilate this meat to that of a lamprey or eel type fish. Taquigraf Serra, 24, 08029 Barcelona.

Around the world

In the menu offered by Volta al món all the dishes have a country of the world as protagonist and are prepared according to the recipes of the country where the animal comes from. Its main ingredient is exotic meats, including fried python served with sweet chili sauce and Vietnamese rice.

Owner Marcos Fachini is very ready to answer all questions and funny comments from visitors. Some as if the kangaroo comes jumping or on the spot or if when he lifts the bell the crocodile will attack him or if the zebra comes with stripes. All of them similar.

The zebra dish does have stripes, but they are the grill marks and is served with beet sauce, curried rice, almonds and coconut. Carrer de Muntaner, 51, 08011 Barcelona.


It is one of the most creative burger restaurants in Barcelona where you can eat crocodile and other exotic dishes such as bison burger, crocodile burger, ostrich burger and other exotic burger. There is also colt meat, deer, wild boar and bison. All these meats are brought in in compliance with regulations. Carrer de Monlau, 60, 08027 Barcelona.