Barcelona is home to the best croissants in Spain

Barcelona is home to the best croissants in Spain

The winner of the award for Best Butter Croissant in Spain was recently announced and the award once again went to Barcelona. Canal Pastry Shop was the winner of the title for the second time. In 2016 it had already obtained it and for this year they chose it again as the place where the best croissants in Spain are prepared.

One of the virtues on which the jury focused the most attention was the balance of flavor. In this sense, the croissants of the Canal pastry shop stood out among the 70 pastry shops from all over the state that participated in the competition.

The bakery has two locations: one on Calvet street in Barcelona and another on Muntaner street so you can go and try the croissants right away.

The best croissants in Spain

The Best Artisan Butter Croissant of Spain Contest is held annually and celebrated its seventh edition with a ceremony at the Escuela de Pastelería del Gremio de Barcelona.

This prestigious award resulted in the bakery receiving a prize of 1,000 euros.

Its owner Toni Vera says that his croissant stood out among the other competitors who participated in the contest, because it is the perfect combination of good ingredients and a good elaboration process.

It is the proper integration of good flour, good butter, excellent machinery and a good production process. The combination of all these factors makes it possible to work in an intelligent, cost-effective way to offer a quality product in a short time.

The pastry chef describes his croissant as crunchy, buttery and not heavy. It is so light that even people can eat as many as they want. It is a team effort among all the members of the bakery, says Vera.

“He is the winning horse” as Vera calls him, he gave them the triumph for the second time. So what better letter of introduction for you to go and do not stay without trying the winning croissant.

La Pastelería Canal and the best croissants in Spain

The bakery was founded in 1970 by Xavier Canal. It has a great work team, including Toni Vera himself. Over the years they have introduced innovation in the midst of tradition, producing classic and contemporary pastries, pastries and even offer catering services.

Becoming the winner of this competition brings great recognition and prestige to the brand and its owners. Other granulators of the award are well recognized in the market. Winners stand out as the pastry shops San CROI by Albert Roca in 2018, Prat “Can Carriel” in 2017, Canal in 2016, Vallflorida Xocolaters in 2015, Oriol Balaguer in 2014, Ochiai in 2013, Sweet by Abraham Balaguer in 2011, Turull in 2011, Hofmann in 2010, Bahía Roca in 2009. All of them protagonists during the years of life of the award.