5 ideal coffees for snacks

5 ideal coffees for snacks

Snacking has been one of the habits that is lost as you get older, it tends to be forgotten. However, recovering the tradition of eating in the middle of the afternoon can be a good motivating habit to meet up with friends, to recharge your batteries, to see your family, to smile. We tell you about different options of ideal cafes to have a snack in Barcelona.

Ideal coffees for snacking

1. Four things

It is the place by tradition and excellence to have a good chocolate. There are the teachers. They have managed to vindicate the snack tradition so that you can take a break in the afternoon, take a break and enjoy a sweet treat. Do not hesitate, here you will find a delicious cup of chocolate either at snack time or breakfast, which you can accompany with tasty pastries, potato omelets or Russian salad, among other delicacies such as stuffed croissants. Consell De Cent 329, 08007 Barcelona.

2. Churros at Comaxurros

In this wonderful hip hipster place you can eat the most delicious churros in town. They pay tribute to it by preparing it in an artisanal way with natural ingredients combined with cream, jam, cream, caramel, chocolate, etc. You can also find salty churros with sobrasada, cheese and honey or with salsa brava prepared if you order them. All churros fried right on the spot with extra virgin olive oil. Carrer de Muntaner, 562, 08022 Barcelona.

3. Onna Coffee

The coffee here is something else, another experience. It does not taste at all the same as the one served by the vending machine or the black and bitter liquid served in some places. Onna Coffee offers you a good coffee, subtle, full of flavors and nuances, coming from the best coffee plantations. Elaborated with professional techniques on the perfect machine. A delicious coffee accompanied by healthy snacks or pastries make the snack a sensation. Address: Carrer de Santa Teresa, 1, 08012 Barcelona.

4. La Donutería

Opened in 2014, it is already a traditional donut shop in Barcelona. It is one of the ideal coffees to have a snack. From the street before arriving you will feel that delicious smell that takes you straight to La Donutería to enjoy an XXL and a delicious coffee. If you are going to try them so far, you can start by tasting the classic Tahitian vanilla and every time you come back you can taste the wide variety. Carrer del Parlament, 20, 08015 Barcelona.

5. Pyrenean butcheries

This small and cozy restaurant specializes in the preparation of potato omelette. You can enjoy it with different combinations: with egg, with or without onion, round, etc. You can also enjoy it with spicy chorizo and onion, slightly sweet, with uncooked egg, really juicy and tasty. Every day they prepare three or four different ones and if they run out, they do not prepare any more. Carrer de Muntaner, 460, 08006 Barcelona.