Camp comfortably in the Tres Estrellas camp.

Camp comfortably in the Tres Estrellas camp.

Just 15 minutes from Barcelona you will find a new concept of camping in the middle of the forest and the mountains. It is a totally sustainable model of tourism with which you can relax and connect with nature in full a few meters from the sea.

This new concept of lodging/camping is based on the construction of something like cabins in the trees. Something similar to the ecologic dome, glamping or coco-homo.

They redefine the concept of camping and motivate people to change their tents, sleeping and mountain and hiking clothes for something more sophisticated and comfortable. Best of all, you can get comfort while still enjoying the fresh air, the countryside and the beautiful views of nature.

The camping experience at Tres Estrellas Camp

Camping at this site is the same as arriving at a beautiful suite, but simulating the height of a tree house and surrounded by greenery and scenery.

When you sleep in this elevated suite/cabana you will have the feeling of going back to your childhood and immediately connect with nature. In fact that was the main objective of its creators Era Architects.

It is quite a sensation to be able to see from the bed the landscape at treetop level. There you will be able to see the swaying of the branches and leaves up close, as well as hear and see the birds up close and appreciate their color and splendor. The smell of fresh wood and fresh air will make you fall in love with this dream paradise.

What perhaps makes these huts very unique is that they are elevated, but without being built at the expense of damaging the trees.

The suites have enough solar electricity to provide light at night and to charge your cell phone battery with peace of mind.

Three stars and its unique features

Another curiosity that complements the lodging is that under the elevated part (where the bed and the suite are), there is a picnic area taking advantage of the space under the dry foundation bases.

This area is sheltered from the rain, the sun and everything is arranged to be able to eat in the middle of nature. This area is on artificial grass and soft soil on which you can walk barefoot.

This novel concept of integrating a tree cabin, suite-style accommodation and picnic area will soon be replicated in glamping areas in Scotland, Valencia, Switzerland, France and Mallarco, as confirmed by the creators Era Architects. They also offer the service of construction to individuals, in case you want one in the lot of your house.