Barcelona wins Tripadvisor tourism award

Barcelona wins Tripadvisor tourism award

The award equivalent to a “Tourism Oscar” was given to the city of Barcelona by the renowned travel portal Tripadvisor. The so-called Travellers’ Choice are compared to these famous awards, but in terms of tourism and travel. This Tipadvisor tourism award is one of the most coveted worldwide.

Since 2018 within the Travellers’ Choice the category “Experiences” was created, where travelers voted through the Tripadvisor website and managed to obtain the computation of the best things to do in the world. Just in this category Barcelona managed to occupy the first place at the state level in 2019.

In this category, travelers rated the electric bicycle tour of Barcelona as the best experience in Spain and the fourteenth in the world. They consider this tour an excellent way to save time and energy, as well as the pleasure of stopping to take pictures of the city’s emblematic sites.

In Spain, after the bike tour, other experiences were also awarded: touring Seville by bike, diving in Lanzarote, a wine and tapas tour in Madrid and visiting and eating at the monastery of Montserrat.

It is worth mentioning that the bike ride through Barcelona was ranked among the 25 best experiences in the world. This list includes other experiences such as diving in Silfra (Iceland), a visit to the Sistine Chapel, a bike tour of the Grand Canyon, rafting on the Kaituna River (New Zealand) or a tuk-tuk tour of Xi’an (China).

The 2019 edition of the Travellers’ Choice

In addition to this award TripAdvisor has announced other winners in terms of the world’s most favorite places for travelers in the “Destinations” category. There are London, Paris and Rome cities that occupy the top three places worldwide. However, in this category Barcelona is also present in the top 10 of favorite places to visit, occupying the seventh place.

Barcelona now ranks fifth in the European ranking and two other Spanish cities are also part of this list in Europe. Mallorca and Tenerife are in ninth and tenth place, respectively.

Tripadvisor Tourism Award for the Barcelona Bike Tour

The tour lasts four hours and costs from 26 euros. It is a wonderful plan to get to know and take pictures in the most representative places of tourist interest in the Catalan capital.

You will be able to travel through routes full of culture, information, news, history and without a doubt, with the best landscape and architectural views. The beautiful, unparalleled, artistic and splendorous Barcelona remains a tourist destination par excellence.