Pódame, for a bold haircut or hairstyle

Pódame, for a bold haircut or hairstyle

Vibrant heads is what you see every day at Pódame, a new hair salon concept that offers haircuts, dyes and original hairstyles out of the ordinary. He was born in Raval and then moved to Gràcia where he moved from a small shop to a new and bigger one to continue his work.

In Pódame, the vibrant style is preserved, something like a combination of “retro”, modern industrial and different. Something “arty” full of color and energy.

Pódame, a unique name

Owner Sergi Coloma says that the name of the salon is very funny and unconventional as well as what is done there. It’s different from everything else: there you can get bold hairstyles, daring cuts, flashy dyes, all inspired by the colorful, rhythm and trends of the beautiful city of Barcelona.

The inspiration of Barcelona is complemented by the imagination of the salon’s creative stylists. They are constantly training and following international trends in order to offer new proposals.

Pódame’s services

In addition to traditional hairdressing services, Pódame also offers make-up and a barbershop area with the typical “vintage” barber’s chair. Gentlemen can sit there to relax and groom themselves in the conventional way.

Hairdressers are experts in quality coloring, risky and daring when it comes to using flashy and outlandish tones to achieve incredible results.

It is also an esthetic center and the perfect space where new fashion trends and trends in beauty and personal care emerge. The hairdressing salon is also the setting for courses, workshops and professional exchanges.

They are also experts in the minimalist look that is truly impressive in achieving a radical change. The service includes shampooing and a moisturizing treatment for the scalp.

The entire offer is for both men and women of any age who want to break out of the usual mold.

Address: Torrent de l’olla, 10. Gracia, Barcelona 08012.

Pódame’s premises are distinguished by their striking and eye-catching decoration of the space, with the use of bright colors and vivid tones that dazzle you upon entering. If you visit it, you will enter a new world where respect, solidarity, teamwork, freedom of expression and novelty are in the air.

At Pódame, professional work is combined with the use of Redken brand products. It is currently the leading professional beauty and personal care brand in the market. In the hairdressing salon they use their conditioners, masks, hair treatments, shampoos for each type of hair.

It is listed as one of the most original hairdressers in Barcelona and a place to visit for lovers of personal care and original beauty.