The Vicki Bernadet Foundation has been working since 1997 in comprehensive care, prevention, training and awareness of child sexual abuse.

In Spain, one out of every five children suffers child sexual abuse before the age of 17.

With the objective of walking together towards a future free of child sexual abuse, The Vicki Bernadet Foundation, with the help of Mercè Puy, Adrià Bas, Lídia Pujol, Beti Barrera, Sala Barts and a line-up of artists committed to and complicit with their project, is organizing a Solidarity Concert committed to our children, to our future. A COMMON CHALLENGE.

With Sabor de Gràcia, Sau 30, Marc Parrot, Lídia Pujol, Helena Miquel, Halldór Már, Elena Gadel, Jaume Vilaseca, Mar Vilaseca, Mone, Txell Sust, Masvidal, Dolo Beltran, Névoa and Beth

The event will be hosted by actress Mont Plans, with the participation of Elisenda Nadal and Àdam Martín.

Will you join us?

Together, anything is possible!

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