If you like bikes and design lamps, the Ciclo is for you.

If you like bikes and design lamps, the Ciclo is for you.

In this unique place everything is transformed as if by magic: bicycles become lamps. As you read it. El Ciclo is a store in the Gótic where, in addition to renting them, they are given a useful and decorative use.

In this store with an artistic air created more than 5 years ago, the door is open to creativity and ingenuity. The objective is to assemble and disassemble these two-wheeled vehicles to create ingenious and beautiful lamps for various spaces from their antique parts.

Its founder is Ramiro Sobral, an Argentinean who made Barcelona his home. I thought that Ciclo would only be for renting and repairing bicycles, but as time went by it received very good comments from its customers and little by little it grew. Everything to the point of diversifying its offer.

Subsequently, they began to offer themed tours of Barcelona with local guides in charge of showing the tourist sites. After this innovation came the best one: creating the lamps with the parts of old bicycles that I only had as decoration or some of them already stored.

El Ciclo and its bike lamps

And the acceptance of their customers was impressive. They just hung them up and started buying them. One, two and so on, the industrial and retro lamps were sold.

They are really original creations where you can see from pedals, rims to chains and spokes, everything you can imagine can be in the lamp. Any piece is useful to create “bicycle art”.

With the passage of time and up to now the Cycle has already sold hundreds of creations that hang proudly in different spaces. What sets these lamps apart from others on the market is that they are unique creations, entirely handmade.

In the store you can also find gift items related to cycling. And even select gifts such as collector’s items, second-hand retro bikes from old and carefully restored lots.

How lamps are created

Everything is born in Ramiro’s imagination. The advantage is that since he knows the material and the parts very well, he is looking for the right combination. Initially it started with hanging pieces, but now it includes floor lamps.

Ramiro states that it all depends on people’s tastes. Many people ask for the small ones, especially when they are tourists and do not have much space in their suitcase to carry them. They also buy large models that are then shipped to their home site.

Address: Carrer de Nou de Sant Francesc, 17 (between the Rambla, the port and Plaça Reial, in the heart of the Gòtic). Web Site: www.elciclobcn.com

El Ciclo is an art exhibition in homage to bicycles. It is more than just a sales or rental store.