Demasié, for lovers of cinnamon rolls

Demasié, for lovers of cinammon rolls

Flavors for all tastes and a delicious pastry offer is what you can taste at Demasié. In the midst of cakes, focaccias, stuffed bombs, cupcakes, truffles, cookies and sadwiches, the jewel in the crown are their cinnamon rolls.

The pastry shop has become one of the favorite corners of the Born. It is well known for offering 15 different flavors of cinnamon rolls, but the most recommended is the classic cinnamon roll.

Marc and Miquel are the fourth generation of a family of pastry chefs and together they run Demasié.

Demasié and its cinnamon rolls

Demasié is a young pastry shop run by Marc and Miguel, fourth generation of a family of pastry chefs and bakers since 1897. Over time they have positioned the rolls they prepare as the best in Barcelona.

Its showcases are adorned with a variety of colors and flavors for all tastes. Very typical products of the American pastry and handmade preparation will delight the most gourmand palates.

Thanks to the creativity of these baking brothers, you will be able to taste more than 40 cinnamon roll recipes, including sweet, savory and vegan, and about 15 different flavors. You can order for example the exquisite salty pesto with mozzarella and tomato or the one with bacon and cheddar. Deciding which one to choose will be a difficult task.

As for the sweet rolls, what can I tell you. They are spectacular. There is a great variety, from the traditional cinnamon, to oreo, nutella, tiramisu, pistachio, cheesecake, red velvet, among many others.

The dough used for the sweets is different, but just as spongy, soft and tasty. For example, if you do not realize that it is a roll, you may be confused that you are eating the traditional dessert. You can taste its well blended ingredients (coffee, cocoa, mascarpone).

The best thing is that every day you can go and try a different flavor with a dough of delicate texture and exquisite taste.

In addition to all the delicacies we have told you about, they also prepare donuts of many flavors from Friday to Sunday. Some red fruit or mango lassi with spongy and soft dough, perfect combination of yogurt and mango.

Honey and flavor

The fun designs of illustrator Jorge Palomar, along with the pastry products, make Demasié a cute and cozy place full of color and joy. In addition to delighting your palate with the delicacies they offer, you can be served directly by its administrators, the Miguel brothers (in the kitchen) and Marc serving the delicacies.

The care in all culinary and design details is reflected in every corner of the bakery. There you will undoubtedly leave your heart and you will leave truly sweetened.

Address: Carrer de la Princesa, 28, 08003 Barcelona. Hours: daily from 8:30 am – 9:30 pm. Average price, 5 €. It all depends on what you choose.