Spain’s best tourist experience is in Barcelona

Spain's best tourist experience is in Barcelona

According to the renowned travel and tourism portal “Tripadvisor”, taking a photographic tour on an electric bicycle through the city of Barcelona is something unique. This is why its community of travelers voted and affirmed that the best tourist experience in Spain is in Barcelona, placing this tour as the fourteenth best experience in the world and the only one in Spanish territory.

The experience is ranked among the best 25 in the world and shares the award with other tourist destinations.

Visitors to this portal rated small group visits to Vatican museums as the best sightseeing experience in the world. It is followed by a cruise on the river that crosses the city of Chicago in the United States. Third place goes to a day trip to Tuscany, Italy; fourth place to snorkel in Reykjavik (Iceland) and fifth place to ride an electric bicycle through the Grand Canyon of the Colorado.

The best tourist experience in Spain

These are the first five positions in our country:

  1. Electric bicycle tour of Barcelona
  2. Diving in Lanzarote Island
  3. Touring Seville by bicycle
  4. Tapas tour and wine tasting in Madrid
  5. Visiting and eating at Montserrat monastery

The Barcelona Electric Bike Tour

The tour lasts half a day (four hours in total) and costs from 26 euros. Undoubtedly there is no better way to know and photograph the most emblematic and most interesting places in the history of the Catalan capital.

You will be able to tour the city in a pleasant and attractive way aboard an electric bicycle. On the way you will enjoy a wonderful outdoor experience full of information, news and the best architectural and scenic views of the city.

If you take this tour you will be able to have in only four hours a very complete overview of the beautiful Barcelona in terms of culture and lifestyle. The Tour is sensational for visitors and locals alike.

The Oscars of the travel industry

The Travellers’ Choice are the equivalent of the famous Oscars in tourism and travel. For 2018 it created the new category “Experiences”, whose winner in the country was the Bicycle Tour of the city of Barcelona. With this, the portal communicated that according to the community of travelers the best tourist experience in Spain is in Barcelona.

According to Laurel Greatrix, director of communication for Experiences at TripAdvisor, the “Travellers Choice Experiences” awards are a reflection of how travelers manage to immerse themselves in the local culture or even explore their home city. This award highlights the best things to do around the world.