4 best places to eat burritos in the city

4 best places to eat burritos in the city

The famous burritos are a typical Mexican dish made with wheat flour. The dough is rolled into a cylinder shape and then filled with different rich ingredients, usually accompanied by refried beans. Eating burritos in Barcelona is a great experience.

The term “burrito” became official in 1895 as part of the dictionary of Mexicanisms. The term is native to the Chihuahua region and is defined as “Tortilla rolled and stuffed with meat or other food inside”. It is also known as taco.

Some say the name derives from the resemblance of the rolled tortilla to a donkey’s ear, or from the rolled-up packages and blankets that donkeys carried on their backs.

But regardless of the region they come from or the name they have, burritos are truly captivating. You eat one and immediately want another. The best thing to do is to try different combinations.

We tell you where to eat burritos in Barcelona

1.Gonzalez & Co

This renowned restaurant has two locations in Barna. It is considered to be the one that most preserves the dynamics, presentation and aesthetics of the great American burrito chains. It is distinguished by the excellent quality and above all the freshness of the burrito ingredients. You can’t miss them. Located at C/ de Còrsega, 391 | C/ Consell de Cent, 297.

La Chelinda

It has two places where you won’t be able to resist eating burritos in Barcelona. Their offerings include tacos, burritos and other delicacies such as carnitas quesadillota, cheese casserole and ceviche. Located at C/ Enric Granados, 9 | Centro Comercial Diagonal Mar (Av. Diagonal Mar, 3).

3.The Black Rose

La Rosa Negra’s burritos have the flavor of grandma’s recipes. A good wheat tortilla filled with chicken stew is simply delicious. In the menu you can also find other flavors and delicious combinations. Located in Via Laietana, 46 | Carrer dels Àngels, 6.

Carabela Café

Located in Pas de Sota Muralla, 3, one of the most touristic places in Barcelona, Carabela Café offers you the classic burrito that you can’t miss to taste.

According to gastronomy experts, Mexican-American food, known as “Tex-Mex” cuisine, is now part of fast food around the world. They are very familiar not only in Mexico, but now everywhere you go. The Internet has also popularized its preparation and the variety of filling ingredients.

In most places where this delicacy is sold, guacamole is sold separately. But it is an excellent accompaniment to a good and refreshing drink. A good burrito is a quick meal that gives you energy to get through the day. Eating burritos in the city has become an occasion to share and taste good Mexican food in Barcelona.