Among the 50 best pizzas in Europe there is one made in Barcelona

Among the 50 best pizzas in the world there is one made in Barcelona

You don’t have to fly across Europe to Trastevere or Calabria to taste the best pizzas on the continent. In fact, the good news is that a pizza from Barcelona is among the 50 best pizzas in Europe.

This pizza made in Barcelona is deliciously elaborated in the pizzeria La Balmesina (carrer de Balmes, 193). It won 39th place in the coveted top 50 list, thanks to its sourdough pizzas, with no added yeast and made with seasonal products. The price of a pizza is around ten euros.

This position is really relevant considering that the restaurant has only been in operation for two years. The owners say they do not know when the experts visited their establishment and what pizza they ate.

La Balmesina is located at Carrer de Balmes, 193, 08006 Barcelona. Although this restaurant also prepares other products, on this occasion it won the award for pizza.

How the 50 best pizzas in the world are selected

The Web 50 Top Pizza is the author of such a delicious ranking in Europe. Three gastronomic experts, Luciano Pignataro, Barbara Guerra and Albert Sapere, who work for this website, are in charge of this selection.

Thanks to this selection in Barcelona there is one of the 50. Along with La Balmesina’s pizza, the ranking includes two more from Spain, both located in Madrid (Grosso Napoletano Santa Engracia and Oven Mozzarella Bar).

Web 50 Top Pizza is an organization that chooses, judges and lists pizzerias around the world in various categories. These include Top 50 Europe, North America, Africa, Japan and Oceania. It should be clarified that this ranking does not include any restaurant in Italy, since the organization makes its own list in this country and does not compete in the general European classification.

The main objective of 50 Top Pizza is to elaborate a gastronomic map, in this case of Europe, to know where to eat good pizza in the continent. The first time the list appeared was in 2017 and this is the third consecutive year it has been published.

And where are the top 50 best pizzas in Europe?

The 2019 European Top 50 winner went to London’s Pizzeria Kalò di Ciro Salvo, Neapolitan-style pizza. They have been making pizzas there for several years with super-hydrated sourdough, using slow fermentation techniques and special flours.

The second place went to chef Gennaro Nasti’s Pizzeria Bijou in Paris, a place catalogued as a pizza laboratory where new gastronomic creations are offered every day. In third position is Pizzeria Baest from Denmark where they use local, sustainable and ecological inputs.