Traditional cafés under renovation

Long-established cafés that are getting a makeover

Without losing their essence and the touch that distinguishes them, the traditional cafés of Barcelona are under renovation to have “miraculous resurrections”.

We tell you about some of the most historic cafés in the city that want to offer novelties, preserving their soul and what made them famous.

They are jewels of the past that preserve their historical value and keep the memory of the city alive.

Sites of the past that still have a great future.

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Lifetime coffees under renovation

La Granja Vendrell

It is an “art deco” icon that your grandparents will surely remember for its famous artisan cream. It was born at the beginning of the 20th century, but closed in 2019. To his rescue came the restorer Arianna Grau who gave the place a second life through marble, mirrors and vintage lamps that transport you to the old Barcelona. They preserve the homemade cream in its original recipe. You can enjoy a delicious menu of breakfasts and meals with an Italian touch, including exquisite bikinis. And what to say about the wines. They are really very well selected. It is a place with history. Carrer de Girona, 59.

Lokillo Taverna: Legendary Vermouth in old Barceloneta

In Barceloneta, fishermen from Barcelona traditionally met to share their daily earnings. It was rescued and remodeled over time. Today it is a “new neighborhood classic” where an exquisite traditional vermouth with a port spirit is served. Legendary anchovies are their specialty. Calle del Mar, 75.

The Confectionery

It began as a pastry shop in 1912 and is the best photograph of what Barcelona was like at the beginning of the 20th century. It is now a modernist museum with cocktails and gourmet specialties. It is a labyrinth of wood, lamps and mirrors that evoke history. The Grup Confitería took over the reins of the premises and showed it again to society as more than a cozy bar where to have good snacks and other drinks. Carrer de Sant Pau, 128.

Literary cafés in Barcelona

The Café de Paris

He recovered his vintage posters and iconic dishes. This emblematic restaurant declined in 1972, but is now resuscitated with interior renovations. It still maintains its essence, complemented by uniformed waiters and posters. Everything is reminiscent of his previous years. They keep their iconic dishes such as chickpeas Luis or the entrecote of the house. Also the traditional crispy and juicy milanesa with fried egg. Mestre Nicolau, 16.

Muy Buenas: one of the coffees of a lifetime

This establishment opened in 1928 still survives. It is a wonderful historic building whose rehabilitation was a real challenge. It was reborn recovering its original elements and preserving its mystique of an old modernist bar. Marble, beautiful tiles and what to say about the cocktail bar with Catalan liqueurs. Carrer del Carme, 63


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