High air pollution in Barcelona due to African dust

High air pollution in Barcelona due to African dust

The Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, AMB, after activating its action protocol for environmental episodes of high atmospheric pollution, is on alert.

All due to the entry of African dust, PM10 particles that cause respiratory diseases, into the city.

In view of this alert, the public is advised to limit the use of cars and to use public transportation and to travel on foot or by bicycle.

The prevention notice issued by the AMB occurs when the average daily PM10 value of 50 ug/m3 is exceeded.

The concern is because the forecast for the next 24 hours is that the levels will not improve because of the African dust.

In addition, anticyclonic conditions caused high ozone concentrations in the area.

In fact, during Monday, June 13, the recommended levels of PM10 were exceeded in the stations of the Xarxa de Vigilància i Prevenció de la Contaminació Atmosfèrica, specifically in those of Eixample and Poblenou.

Different measures to counteract high atmospheric pollution

The AMB also made known the different orientations to try to cushion this episode of high pollution.

Perhaps one of the most relevant tips is to reduce the use of the private car and look for better ways to get around on foot or by bicycle.

Another alternative is to try as much as possible to share the vehicle.

So far this spring, a high pollution alert has already been declared on several occasions due to the presence of suspended dust from the Sahara.

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