It is recommended to attend cemeteries with umbrellas and at certain times of the day.

We recommend attending cemeteries with umbrellas at certain times of the day.

Cemeteries of Barcelona launched this warning to the visitors of the cemeteries in the city. They suggest attending with an umbrella and at certain times of the day (early in the morning or late in the afternoon), since the seagulls in the area are aggressive towards people.

The recommendation is especially for the facilities of


and Poblenou.

The surprise measure was announced to avoid any attack or accident among cemetery visitors.

Why attend with umbrellas at certain times of the day?

Because seagulls can attack visitors and it is necessary to protect yourself.

The thing is, the aggressiveness of these birds is not due to the heat wave that is descending on the city. The main reason for the aggressiveness is because the gulls are nesting in the area during this time of year and see people as a threat to their young.

In fact, the situation is so worrying that the cemeteries of the Catalan capital are using birds of prey to scare them away.

With this, they intend to prevent seagulls from creating nests near areas frequented by cemetery visitors and where workers usually circulate.

But above all, the objective is to prevent this situation from having greater consequences, according to Miquel Trepat, general director of Cemeteries of Barcelona.

By taking this measure to avoid the presence of seagulls, we also seek to reduce the unpleasant impact of seagull droppings on people and vehicles.

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