Luxury watch robberies persist in Barcelona

Luxury watch robberies persist in Barcelona

The most recent robbery of luxury watches was the theft from a tourist of a Hublot watch valued at 800,000 euros.

The tourist reported that the theft was near the Barcelona City Hall and according to the police, it would be the most expensive watch ever stolen in the city.

In his complaint, the victim stated that he was violently attacked.

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After proving that he was the owner, the Mossos d’Esquadra began searching for the suspects based on images captured by cameras near the scene.

The investigation is being carried out by the Mossos unit specialized in combating the robbery of luxury watches. The unit was created a month ago due to the increase in this type of robbery in the city.

The unit is staffed by plainclothes and uniformed officers who patrol the tourist areas of the city in order to curb robberies and the network of subsequent sale on the illegal market.

Luxury watch robberies

This type of theft has been increasing in recent days. In fact, the Mossos arrested 31 people at the end of May and 53 others were identified.

A total of 684 people have been captured on charges of stealing high-end watches or attempting to do so.

Most of them were made in Ciutat Vella in the evening hours when the assailants stole watches valued at 5,000, 9,000 and up to 42,000 euros. In these cases the perpetrators were arrested.

Catalan police create specialized unit to fight luxury watch theft

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