The world’s second best baker is in Barcelona

The world's second best baker is in Barcelona

At only 25 years old, Enric Badia Elias, from Barcelona, was awarded the title of second best baker in the world in Nantes, France.

Enric is the representative of the fourth generation of Forn Elias (Freser, 90, in El Clot), a century-old bakery with a long tradition in the city.

At the end of October, he represented our country at the “Mondial du Pain” and returned from France with second place in the most important bread competition in the world.

The first place was won by the representative from Japan for his great discipline, resources and knowledge and the third place was awarded to Italy.

Enric has prepared and trained with the director of the Baking School of Sabadell, the French Yohann Ferran.

He affirms that “the World Cup cannot be compared to a Michelin. It’s a competition, something like the bread Olympics.

Competing for the title of the world’s best baker

The competition is carried out in a day of eight hours in a 10 m2 mini-brewer.

Contestants must prepare decorative, aromatic, classic breads such as baguette, as well as a sample of a bread with nutritional value.

A sandwich and three different shapes of croissant and brioche from sweet dough should also be presented. At the end, everything is presented on a table for the jury’s evaluation.

At the Mondial, Enric was accompanied by his competition team composed of three people: himself as baker, an assistant (Marta Sanjosé baker from Terrasa) and his trainer Yohann Ferran.

Enric says that it was difficult for the French participants in the competition to accept a fifth place, as France is a country proud of its gastronomy and the baguette is a national symbol.

This World Cup is not about making what the baker thinks is the best product, but about preparing what a jury will like the most. It is a competition.

Enric’s mother says that from the age of 5 he dreamed of becoming a baker.

With the passing of the years he achieved excellence and it was when, together with his cousin, they are the fourth generation to run a centenary oven in the Clot, opened by his great-grandfather.

Enric’s great-grandfather bought the bakery premises, then his grandfather acquired the technology and machinery. Enric’s mother immediately put up with the business and the daily work and now the youngsters are trying to professionalize the art of being a baker.

The second best baker in the world sums up that “Forn Elias is the perfect cross between an old bakery and preparing classic bakery with modernity”.

In this way he synthesizes a whole century of work. Modernity lies in simplifying processes.