The 5 places to eat the best croissants in the city

The 5 places to eat the best croissants in the city

The king of pastries is the croissant. In Barcelona you can taste different versions of this delicious delicacy, from the most sophisticated to the simplest. There are several bakeries where you can eat the best croissants in town: fresh, tender, balanced and fluffy. The best proof is that it goes in through the eyes, without even touching it.

In Barcelona there are really incredible croissants. Here are some places where you can go to taste them without regretting it.

Where to eat the best croissants in town


A delicious croissant with a love story. It is not too sweet, just perfect for stuffing it or accompanying it with salty complements such as ham. Very fluffy and really delicious like the ones prepared in France. Escribà, located at Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 546.


Their breads are among the best in Barcelona, as well as their cakes, pastries, tartlets and other delicacies that made this place in Barceloneta a true reference. Baluard is a supplier of bread to numerous restaurants. It also has points of sale in other cities in Spain.

In Barcelona it is located in L’Eixample, inside the Praktik Hotel, offering an innovative concept of bakery + hotel, where it has local customers and guests. The star croissants are butter croissants, well flaky, spongy, with a soft and delicate flavor, without excessive sweetness. Baluard, 38 / Provença, 279.


Recently opened in Sant Antoni, although it is an Italian ice cream parlor with a tasting area, it also offers high-level artisan pastries.

Among its products are the chocolate croissants (cornettos), the traditional ones, or the favorite, the multigrain croissant, very tasty and with little sweetness. You can accompany it with an excellent Italian coffee (traditional espresso, cappuccino or a Shakerato). Sweetaly Ronda de Sant Pau, 39.


Another place to eat the best croissants in town. 100% artisan bread and simple homemade pastries is what you will find in Turris.

They also offer workshops at their facilities so you can learn how to make them from the fermented puff pastry dough. Turris croissants are balanced, tender, lightly toasted and buttery. Zero additives. More info at:

5.LR Festival des Pains

It is a small bakery in Sant Antoni and when you see it, it is something like a bread boutique. It does not have the typical counter, the breads are displayed on small trays that will welcome you.

You will find delicious cakes, muffins, breads, pastries. All with a delicate French atmosphere from the delicious smell to the decoration. The croissants are handmade with butter. They are consistent and melt in the mouth. They have a whole wheat bread that is simply spectacular. LR Festival des Pains, Manso, 40.

This delicacy is incomparable. A reason to share with family and friends.