Try some signature cocktails at LUX

Try some signature cocktails at LUX

The signature cocktails at LUX are really far from being a simple drink with a couple of ice cubes and a mix of some spirits. No, these drinks have evolved and transcended to another level. To a superior one.

At LUX you will be able to appreciate and taste in each drink the perfect combination of molecular mixology, botany and signature cocktails that will really surprise you. Each cocktail is carefully crafted, with the finest ingredients and the highest quality. All with a very different flavor, a molecular flavor to taste and share.

To complete the tasteful appetizers, LUX also went to great lengths to select the most creative and magical containers to serve them in. You can drink them in more or less ornamented glasses, beakers in the shape of pipes and even in laboratory test tubes.

Signature cocktails at LUX

LUX discovered in the molecular mixology or botany, all the secret to offer an authentic cocktail menu or better, authentic works of art that will make you speechless.

Molecular mixology is simply the preparation of these appetizers using molecular gastronomy equipment and techniques. In this sense, molecular mixology is a very specialized way of mixing drinks by using techniques and analysis of science to experiment and mix cocktail ingredients at the molecular level.

The term molecular gastronomy emerged until 1988 and cocktail experts in this art have been nicknamed “mixologists”. Nowadays a cocktail is no longer prepared by trial and error, it is no longer just about guaranteeing an excellent taste, but also how it feels, how it smells, how it is presented. It is a set of elements that make it a delight both to see and to taste.

Mixologists are constantly playing with mixing textures, flavors, ingredients and aromas to create an aperitif that offers a true experience.

The “scientists”, mixologists: a trade with chemistry

So many ingredients and novelties want to be offered that mixologists are now also using liquid nitrogen to chill their cocktails. What they do clarify is that it should be used with caution and a lot of knowledge, as it is at -196ºC and can cause cold burns, let alone ingestion. But when used properly, it really blows customers away.

The novelty of nitrogen is that when exposed to air it turns into a fog, so that when the shaker pours it, it looks like he is doing a science experiment. Mixologists also use dry ice to give a smoky effect. Dry ice is the solid state of Carbon Dioxide and has a temperature of -78.5ºC.

LUX signature cocktails are constantly evolving, combining creativity, innovation and research. LUX Coctelera. Address: Carrer d’Aragó, 221, 08007.