Six places to enjoy the vermouth at night

Six places to enjoy the vermouth at night

When night falls everything is magical and splendorous. So it is not the same to drink a vermouth in the sunshine as it is to enjoy it in a lighted night. Enjoying a vermouth at night is an indescribable sensation that you can experience in exclusive places in Barcelona.

Curiously, the tradition of having this appetizer comes from long ago as an excuse to participate in the social life of the town and to find out the news.

The bars and cafes of the time served the function of today’s social networks and the Internet. The best way to learn about the events of the time was tasting a good vermouth. Everything revolved around this unique liquor.

Today, vermouth is still alive and well in bars all over the Mediterranean. It is drunk neat, with soda, accompanied by innovative pairings or mixed in delicious cocktails. Usually this appetizer is prepared from wine macerated with herbs.

Where to enjoy vermouth at night in Barcelona

Costa Brava Wine Cellar Bar

Very visited by locals and tourists. You will be able to taste an exquisite sardine, delicious tapas, good potatoes. To drink this bar is known for offering a really sensational vermouth or if you prefer wine and siphons. Located at Carrer de l’Alzina, 58, 08024.

2.Lo Pinyol

One of the best places to drink bulk vermouth, cavas and wines. Enjoy them in the cultural and refined atmosphere of a library where it is possible to exchange books. Located at Torrent de l’Olla, 7.

3.La Vermuteria del Tano

A classic that you can’t miss. You will be able to taste an exquisite vermouth of the Perucchi house and other canned appetizers with homemade sauce. Located at Carrer de Bruniquer, 30.

Puigmartí Bar

In a small space, a great combination of environments. Outside for a party with vermouth and beer on barrels on foot and inside the bar tapas on stools, few tables and decorated with portraits of pop stars. You will be served by a real troop of waiters. Located at Carrer de Puigmartí, 12.


Well known in the city for offering this delicious wine macerated with tonic and bitter substances and aromatic plants. An unmissable destination if you love good vermouth, an authentic treasure of Mediterranean culture. Located at Carrer de Calàbria, 39, 08015.

El Morro Fi

It is one of the five establishments of the masters of homemade vermouth and spectacular tapas. You can taste the reserve with some almonds and mojama. At El Morro you can discover the scientific, historical and gastronomic secrets of this delicious appetizer. Here you can learn how to pair, prepare, mix and taste it in Las Vermudas University’s workshops. Located at Consell de Cent, 171.

With these options you will be able to enjoy the vermouth at night in beautiful Barcelona. Cheers and vermouth!