Enjoy the Venezuelan cuisine at La Cachapera


Enjoy the Venezuelan cuisine at La Cachapera

Caribbean cuisine is one of the most popular for its flavors and combination of ingredients. So if you are looking for a delicious and different alternative to eat, we will tell you where you can do it. Treat your palate to Venezuelan cuisine at La Cachapera, a place in Barcelona where you can breathe Caribbean air.

For some time now, Venezuelan food has entered with force in the gastronomy of Barcelona. Therefore, La Cachapera BCN offers diners a menu that is not very extensive, but very typical of Venezuela.

It is the country represented in all its splendor through the cachapas (preparation that inspired the name of the restaurant), to the arepas and the tres leches cake as one of its most popular desserts.

La Cachapera is located in the heart of Eixample. It was born as an initiative of two entrepreneurs from this South American country who in their youth dreamed of making an idea come true: “to show why cachapa is the best dish in the world”.

This crepe-like tortilla, but thicker, is made from ground sweet corn without flour (gluten-free). It is then stuffed with beef, chicken or vegetable stews, or the preferred ingredient, accompanied by fresh artisan cheeses (similar to mozzarella) and butter. A very traditional recipe of the grandmothers of this country.

Venezuelan cuisine at La Cachapera: the Caribbean secret

Surely the name of the restaurant is not unfamiliar to you. Well, it is the same of a food truck that has been triumphing in different fairs since 2015.

Discover La Cachapera’s menu

Although the restaurant’s prices and dishes may change or have some promotions, we will tell you some of them so you can get an idea. Please note that these prices are per person and include VAT.

Traditional menu

  • Tequechapas, 5 €.
  • Sultana del Avila salad, 5 €.
  • Standard Cachapas, 7,5 €.
  • Traditional Cachapa stuffed with cheese, 9,5 €.
  • Cachapa mixta carne mechada, 9,5 €.
  • Cachapa mixta reina pepiada (chicken, mayonnaise and avocado) 9.5 € 9.5
  • Arepas, 7
  • Arepa morocha two fillings, 6 €.
  • Arepa filled with a single filling, 4 €.
  • Desserts, 4 € Tres leches cake, strawberry samba cake

The average price of the menu without drinks, which includes a starter, main course and dessert, is 20 €.

Venezuelan cuisine in La Cachapera

This restaurant is a worthy representative of Venezuelan culture and gastronomic customs. Its traditional recipe “la cachapa” is very popular especially in Caracas, the capital city, where it is eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner or lunch.

Now they have become very popular not only locally, but internationally, thanks to the combination of flavors and ingredients. It is so tasty that one is not enough.

Address: La Cachapera BCN Carrer de Villarroel, 57 08011 Barcelona