Have fun with these 3 virtual reality arcades

Have fun with these 3 virtual reality arcades

In Barcelona it is increasingly common to find recreational spaces and leisure centers to share with family and friends board games, electronic and video games or all together in one place. However, virtual reality arcades are opening more frequently due to the great acceptance that they have to enjoy a fun time and leave aside the stress.

Barcelona seems like the Matrix where virtual reality (VR) venues are constantly popping up.

3 virtual reality arcades

1.eSports Center

When you go there it will be easy to identify it, because at the entrance they warn you: “Do not open. Zombies”. It opened its doors to the public in 2017.

One of its main attractions is a “VR arena” which is a quadrangle with eight glasses. All around there are two driving simulators equipped with VR goggles, 10 Plays, a VR Experience capsule and several tables for you to sit down for a drink and recharge your batteries between battles. The average price per person is 25 € per hour. Address: Carrer del Consell de Cent, 481, 08013. More information at: esportscenter.es

Zero Latency

Recently opened to the public, Zero Latency is a virtual reality center where you can share virtual bullets simultaneously with up to 8 people. You don’t use wires, you just walk around in the real world, but you walk around seeing spaceships and undead.

The site is a franchise of a Melbourne company that already has locations in Madrid, Zaragoza, Lisbon and now in Barcelona.

Just across the street from the new Zero Latency at the end of last year, 7Fun (also from Zero Latency), a leisure center with more virtual space, opened. There you can have Clint Eastwood by your side and pull the trigger. Or if you prefer, hunt zombies as if you were in The Walking Dead. Your equipment: a computer backpack, helmet, goggles and a shotgun.

They also have a flight simulator that rotates between the two locations. Prices are between 15 and 29 €. Address: Parc Vallès Shopping Center. Av. Tèxtil, s/n, 08223 Terrassa, More information at: www.zerolatencyvr.es

3.Vive Virtual

Another virtual reality arcade is Vive Virtual. Its main attraction is that you can walk without a backpack, without sensors, without cables. All you have to do is wear wireless goggles that allow you to shoot zombies, wield a laser or play paintball. The game allows up to 100 people to be on the same stage and they plan to organize tournaments.

In addition to games they also want to offer social experiences with VR glasses, be it meetings in a virtual bar with social games, virtual dating or a mini mall. The average price per 30 minutes is 15 €. Address: Carrer de Provença, 242, 08008. More information at: vivevirtual.es

What are you waiting for, go with your friends or even by yourself and have a really great time.