7 restaurants to enjoy the best bikinis in town

7 restaurants to enjoy the best bikinis in town

A little can go a long way. The sample of this are the mixed sandwiches curiously called bikinis. The advantage of eating them is that you will be well satisfied, even if you have a picky appetite. In Barcelona there are different places where you can taste the best bikinis in the city, as a sample of the universality of the sandwich and the variety of ingredients and flavors.

In these sites you will find from the classic bikini to more sophisticated ones with different ingredients. Throughout Catalonia calling the mixed bikini is already a tradition that is only understood in our territory. Just as the women’s swimsuit is composed of two elements, so are the mixed ones: usually ham and cheese, but nowadays there are many more combinations.

Enjoy the best bikinis of the city

1.The Mostassa bikini

It offers you the vegetarian version of the bikini has it all reversed. There is no cream cheese or ham, but you will be able to taste the homemade pesto sauce, goat cheese, mozzarella, with spinach and guacamole. A delight to the palate.

2.The bikini of La Tartarería

The restaurant prepares its entire menu in the raw food concept, raw or half-cooked cuisine. The most requested dish is the tartar. And of course the beef tartar bikini with truffle and low temperature egg yolk.

3.The Gresca Bar Bikini

A successful combination of comté cheese and Iberian pork loin. A restaurant with simple dishes and a wonderful and varied wine offer to accompany your bikini.

4.The bikini of La Esquina

Although expensive, it is of high quality. They serve a bikini with thinly sliced ham and plenty of melted cheese. The dish is served with half a roasted tomato.

5.The bikinis of La Bikinería

A place that attracts for its innovation and creativity. It offers a variety of bikinis, such as carbonara with egg yolk, guancially, parmesan and caramelized onion. Finger-licking good.

6.Melt’s bikini

It offers a variety of alternatives in bikinis. The most outstanding is the classic prepared with cheddar cheese, arugula, red onion and Dijon mustard.

7.The bikini of The Collective

Another restaurant that offers the best bikinis in town. It has a big difference with the others and is that here you can serve the bread directly, which is replaced by a delicious croissant dough. They are simply delicious and appetizing.

All these exquisite bikinis remind us of the history of why in Barcelona we call the mixed sandwiches as women’s swimsuits. It all goes back to the 1950s when the Bikini dance hall was opened where you could enjoy delicious snacks. Since that time this simple dish has become breakfast, snack, lunch or dinner.