The five most terrifying places in Catalonia

The five most terrifying places in Catalonia

Within the beauty of Catalonia you can find a variety of findings. Gardens, beaches, nature, landscape, etc. But also ghost towns, old hospitals and even scary horror movie sets. Today we tell you which are the five most terrifying places in Catalonia.

1. Hospital del Tórax of Terrassa

This hospital has been the setting for the filming of many horror movies. It is a large hospital complex of about 60,000 square meters located in Terrassa (Barcelona), built in the 1950s to treat respiratory diseases, such as tuberculosis. Over the years it would become an ordinary hospital and was finally closed and abandoned in 1997.

Thanks to its gloomy appearance when empty, its location in a wooded area and the fact that the highest suicide rate in Spain was recorded in this center, this hospital has become a place of pilgrimage for lovers of the paranormal. Apparitions within its walls, gruesome stories and strange noises have been attributed to this building.

2. Salvana Tower in Santa Coloma de Cervelló (Barcelona)

This building is another of the five most terrifying places in Catalonia. It is an old defense tower whose owners were the lords of Cervelló. The tower has elements of the nineteenth century, adjacent to a rural building or farmhouse, already very deteriorated by neglect. Fans of paranormal phenomena know the Tower as the castle of hell.

3. The building on La Rambla where the film “Rec” was shot.

Up to 48 film shoots have taken place in building number 34 on Rambla Catalunya in Barcelona. Among them the filming of “Rec” one of the most famous Spanish horror movies directed by Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza. The vacant building has two floors of 180 square meters each and five stories.

4. La Mussara: a gateway to another dimension

This Tarragona village is located more than a thousand meters above sea level. La Mussara is a ghost town uninhabited since 1959 surrounded by a halo of mystery related to the presence of parallel dimensions and diabolical evocations. Legend has it that there is a stone among the ruins of La Mussara that is the gateway to “la Vila de Sils”, a village located on another existential plane.

5. Selma: a mysterious town

Another of the five most terrifying places in Catalonia is in the Baix Penedès region, a little known area of Catalonia. In fact, the Montmell mountain range is an ideal place for hiking along its trails or visiting the village of Selma, which was completely abandoned at the beginning of the 20th century. There you can enjoy hiking and feel an air of mystery.