Vintage tour: drive around the city in a Seat 600

Vintage tour: drive around the city in a Seat 600

Do you want to make a different plan? Well, we tell you what it can be: how about taking a ride around Barcelona on a vintage tour where you can tour the city in a Seat 600 and rediscover beautiful places.

It will be like going back to the 1970s and you run the risk of feeling a bout of nostalgia. Memories will come to the surface when you play a cassette while driving listening to the hits of Perales, Camela, Pimpinela. This is priceless, it’s sensational!

The tour in an authentic Seat 600 lasts two hours. Rafael Calabria and his wife Raquel Lopez never thought they would ever own nine of these legendary vehicles, but thanks to them they now offer the “Seat 600 Experiencie”, as they call their brilliant idea.

Four years ago they created “Trip Troop Vintage Tours”, with which they distributed the nine cars: four 600 in Barcelona and five in Madrid. Those in Barcelona are parked near the Sagrada Familia.

How is the vintage tour in a Seat 600

It is a re-acquaintance with the city with a glimpse into the past. It’s as if you were living the illusion that at the time represented being able to buy a 600. It’s a wonderful feeling.

You may wonder why they chose a Seat 600. Because it represents a very large emotional component in people, since many parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts and uncles have had one. It was the town car. It is a car that arouses sympathy. However, nowadays they are still available second hand. It is estimated that there are still about 10,000 circulating in Spain.

Many get into the minicars with first-time driver nerves. But before you start your ride, Rafael will give you some vintage instructions such as: “if it rains, stick out your hand to ask for passage”. The windshields do not have much breeze and what is below (points) is the starter. Turn on lights and don’t drive so fast (he will give you the suggestion amid laughter).

The Saturday vintage tour starts after understanding the instructions, starting the car and turning on the boom box. You turn the steering wheel and accelerate like a racing car and start following a Renault 4, yes the traditional one, the only one. Rafael travels there guiding the tour.

You will walk around the Gòtic while they look at you and smile, they may even take pictures or look at you with curiosity. In the end you will end up waving at pedestrians like a queen’s catwalk and beeping to let them know you’re in a 600. Then you drive from the Eixample to the Gòtic, stop at Bar La Plata and then go to Passeig de Gràcia.

You can also take a Sunday vintage tour of Montjuïc and even a Gaudí tour. The cost per person is 39 euros.