Do you like horchata? We tell you where they prepare the best ones in town

Do you like horchata? We tell you where they prepare the best in town

If you are a fan of this refreshing and nutritious Valencian legendary drink of Arab origin, you will be interested in this article. It is the well-known horchata that you can enjoy in different ways of preparation. The important thing is that if you like horchata you can distinguish the original, because they are not all the same and there is a lot of difference.

This refreshing Valencian nectar becomes more popular during the summer season and is available in the ice cream parlors of Barcelona. You can even discover new and sweet exotic flavors such as mochis and dorayakis.

The different horchatas

The important thing is that you can distinguish the difference between a “handmade” horchata and another one from a jar known as the traditional Chufi or even the white brand. But if you try the packaged one and it does not captivate you, most probably the traditional and homemade one will not attract your attention.

Under this consideration and if you are eager to refresh your palate, today we suggest the places where they prepare the best horchata in the city.

Do you like horchata? Here they serve the best in Barcelona

Orxateria Sirvent

It can be considered one of the most recognized and emblematic places in the city to have horchata and ice cream. Their horchata is a typical delight: tiger nut juice of perfect intensity. Simply exquisite. Located at Carrer del Parlament de Catalunya, 56.

Orxateria La Valenciana

Its name honors the tradition and the original recipe. In Orxateria La Valenciana they elaborate the horchata as the canons indicate. They know very well the secrets of the tigernut and its elaboration, since they have been preparing it since 1910. It is worth accompanying it with its handmade fartons. Located at Rambla de Poblenou, 44.


This horchatería is located in the heart of the most bohemian neighborhood of Barcelona, in Carrer Torrijos, 21 and brings together the idiosyncrasy of the neighborhood. It is a typical ice cream shop that sells horchata more than any other product. Although they also prepare ice cream along with horchata, they make it from organic products. You can taste the coffee horchata for the very coffee drinkers with its intense and strong flavor. They also offer a sugar-free one that also has its charm.

Orxateria El Tio Che

The horchatería el tío che turns a century old and for this reason many consider it to be the best in Barcelona. In fact, the horchata senseis of Barcelona affirm it without a doubt. It has the same philosophy as La Valenciana, as it is a centenary artisan horchatería. Its horchata has character and this refers to the fact that its texture and flavor are the result of the practice of lifelong techniques. Located in Barcelona 31/05/2012 Barcelona. Rambla del Poblenou, 44.