Admire the Barcelona of the past with this tour with smart glasses

Admire the Barcelona of the past with this tour with smart glasses

Smartglasses are making inroads in all sectors and activities. In fact now also in tourism and guided tours. So if you want a novel plan to tour the historical heritage of the beautiful Barcelona, the Andalusian company Past View offers you a tour with smart glasses through the past of Barcelona.

This Sevillian company created in 2012 gave life to a new and original way of touring a city. Thanks to this, he was able to unite new technologies and history. The Past View tour allows visitors to see what a present-day space looked like in a bygone era.

What is Past View, a tour with smart glasses?

They are a set of guided tourist routes in whose route you can see how the historical heritage of a city was in different periods of the past. This is achieved using the Past View device, consisting of smart glasses and a touch pad.

Using this technology you will be able to enter the past through virtual reconstructions and AR (Augmented Reality) technology, with which you can not only get closer to the heritage spaces but also feel as if you were really there, at that time. Back to the past.

The novelty is that the virtual images you will see are not simply architectural recreations, but you will feel present in places full of life, even with characters of the time. In fact, some of them will address you acting as an old tourist guide, to explain aspects of archaeological, historical or artistic interest.

How this technology works to take a tour with smart glasses

The Past View hardware in turn has software that will allow you to view the historical heritage, as well as access other content such as information on monuments, voiceovers, image galleries, etc.

The software also has an integrated GPS system that will keep you permanently geolocated. However, you will always have specialized personnel to accompany and assist you during the tour.

Past View is a pioneer product in the world applied to tourism. This makes it unique and different. Tourists are increasingly demanding more and better experiences and the guided tour with smart glasses is truly an innovation.

Who can take the smart glasses tour

The tour is for residents and tourists. The point is that here you can discover your own city in a different way and learn about your own past. So young and old (over 9 years old) can enjoy this journey through time.

The guided tour with smartglasses lasts 2 hours and covers the most emblematic and historical places of Barcelona. No doubt you will never forget this experience.

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