Cinesa Unlimited Card: to go to the cinema as many times as you like

cinema subscription

Cinesa launches its new cinema subscription plan. This is the Cinesa Unlimited Card with which you can have unlimited access to cinemas from April 2023 by paying a monthly subscription.

The flat rate will allow customers to go to the cinema as many times as they want for a fixed price per month of subscription.

The two formats of the Cinesa Unlimited Card

The card will have two subscription formats: Unlimited Standard and Unlimited LUXE.

The first will allow you to enjoy all Cinesa cinemas in Spain, including VIP seats, for a price of 15.90 euros per month, but will not allow access to LUXE cinemas.

If you want to watch a film in these cinemas, you will have to pay an additional fee.

The second format, Unlimited LUXE, will cost 18.90 euros per month and will allow access to both standard and LUXE cinemas (with reclining seats).

In addition, Cinesa has launched a special offer for its customers who purchase the flat rate for one year.

The offer is priced at 149 euros for Unlimited Standard (189.8 euros without promotion) and 189 euros for Unlimited LUXE (226.80 euros without promotion).

Subscribers will have access to invitations to special passes and other benefits, as well as a special price on the Classic Popcorn Menu.

Where can you buy the card?

The Unlimited Card will be available for purchase from April 2023 through Cinesa’s digital channels, as well as at kiosks and box offices.

Cinemas have been lamenting the decline in cinema-goers for many years and have been trying to encourage audiences to return to the cinema.

Initiatives such as the Spectator’s Day or the Fiesta del Cine, seek to demonstrate that perhaps with more affordable ticket prices, the public does want to fill the cinemas.

With the launch of the card, Cinesa hopes to revolutionise the cinema ticket game and demonstrate that a cinema subscription plan is a viable alternative to attract more viewers.

This innovative project will allow movie lovers to enjoy the best new releases in an unlimited way and in the best possible way: on the big screen, with state-of-the-art sound and image technology and, best of all, from the comfort of their own seat.

The initiative is a response to the transformation of a sector in constant change, which seeks to offer viewers new forms of cinema consumption that adapt to their needs.

Cinesa demonstrates its commitment to its customers through this innovative project.

The Unlimited Card is an initiative that seeks to increase cinema attendance and provide viewers with a unique and satisfying experience.