Beach season starts with showers closed due to drought

Beach season starts with showers closed due to drought

Barcelona kicks off the beach season with an unusual measure due to the drought affecting the region.

Starting this Saturday, the city’s ten beaches will begin their bathing season, but with an important restriction: all showers will remain closed.

The decision is due to the drought emergency declaration made by the Government on February 1, 2024, which affects Barcelona and 202 other municipalities. As a water saving measure, the authorities have opted to close showers and footbaths at all city beaches.

Although the lavatory services will continue to operate, a call is made to use them responsibly in order to avoid wasting water. This measure is in addition to other water conservation actions implemented in the city in response to the drought situation.

Beach season with closed showers, but with lifeguards

Despite the restrictions on showers, lifeguard and lifeguard services will be maintained at all beaches. The assisted bathing service for people with reduced mobility has been activated on some specific beaches, and intensive cleaning of the sand and sea will be provided to ensure the safety and hygiene of bathers.

During the average bathing season, which runs through September 29, 2024, public toilets will be open at various points along the beaches, with specific hours of operation. These measures are expected to help maintain the quality of Barcelona’s beaches as they face the challenges of water scarcity.

In addition, users are reminded of the regulation of smoke-free beaches and are requested to reduce as much as possible the waste generated during the visit to the beaches. With these actions, Barcelona seeks to guarantee a safe and sustainable beach season for all its inhabitants and visitors.

An atypical season

Barcelona is preparing for an atypical beach season due to the drought affecting the region.

Despite the restrictions on showers, the authorities guarantee the safety of bathers with the presence of 30 lifeguards on duty, increasing to 54 in high season. Eleven surveillance towers will be deployed, which will be doubled in the high season for more effective coverage.

For its part, the assisted bathing service for people with reduced mobility will be operating in some specific beaches, such as Nova Icària and the bathing area of the Forum. At Sant Miquel beach, this service will be available in high season, from May 25 to September 11.

Sand and sea cleanup will also be intensified with additional personnel and specialized boats.









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