Can Solé: the oldest restaurant in the Barceloneta area

Can Solé- the oldest restaurant in the Barceloneta area
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In the heart of the picturesque neighborhood of Barceloneta, stands a building that, despite the transformations it has undergone over the years, retains the essence of the old eighteenth-century buildings in the area. Located at number 4 of Sant Carles street, Can Solé emerges as a bastion of the Catalan and Mediterranean gastronomic tradition since its inauguration in 1903.

Can Solé: a centennial legacy

It is worth mentioning that Can Solé has stood the test of time, being the oldest restaurant in Barceloneta that has kept its doors open uninterruptedly since its beginnings. Founded as a modest fisherman’s tavern by Josep Homs, the establishment kept the name of its former owner, Gregorio Solé, owner of an oil, soap and food store. Traces of its past as a tavern can still be seen in the taps used for washing fish, the original tiles adorning the walls and the solid marble tables that have withstood decades of diners.

It is important to say that after the devastating Civil War, Can Solé was reborn in 1939 under the name of “Restaurant Antiga Casa Solé”. However, its most significant transformation took place in 1947, when the architect Marià Romaní carried out an ambitious remodeling that provided the premises with a second floor. The paintings by Alexandre Cifici, writer and professor of design, which still decorate the walls of the second floor, date from this period.

The golden age

It was in the 50’s and 60’s when Can Solé reached its maximum notoriety as one of the best seafood restaurants in Barcelona. In 1995, Josep María García, a renowned member of the Chaîne des Rostisseurs and the Cofradía de l’Arròs del País Valencià, took over the management of the restaurant, leading it towards culinary excellence. Preserving the essence of seafood, Mediterranean and Catalan cuisine, Can Solé continues to be a gastronomic reference in Barcelona.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that every day, Can Solé delights its guests with a selection of seafood, fish and rice specialties, dishes that reflect the authenticity and richness of traditional cuisine. In a culinary world marked by passing trends, this establishment stands as an authentic piece of history of the neighborhood, both for its interior full of memories and for its contribution to the rich gastronomic heritage of Barceloneta.

In short, Can Solé remains a beacon of tradition and flavor in the middle of the bustle of the city.

If you want to relive history through the walls of this restaurant and every bite of food, remember the address: number 4 Sant Carles street.

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