Ikono exhibition with immersive experience arrives in Barcelona

LLega a Barcelona la exposición de Ikono con experiencia inmersiva

Ikono, the immersive ball pool experience, arrives in Barcelona after its success in Madrid and Rome.

The Arenas Shopping Centre in the Catalan capital will be home to this 1,200 square metre exhibition that allows visitors to experience different spaces.

Among them is a ball pool inspired by an obsolete factory, as well as a room alluding to Picasso’s early works with light and a room with a large number of lanterns.

Ikono’s creator, David Troya, is also the founder of the GlampingHub portal, which brings together premium outdoor accommodation around the world.

The idea to create Ikono was born after the brand’s founding team travelled to Japan and appreciated the beautiful iconic Japanese landscape.

One of them was the bamboo forest of Arashiyama which helped them connect more with the space and the people they were with.

The Ikono exhibition with immersive experience

The concept of the exhibition is to create an art gallery where the viewer can participate in an immersive way and take pictures with the artworks, which is actually a good setting for social media lovers.

The first thing visitors see when they enter the exhibition is the famous ball pool with a slide illuminated by colour-changing LEDs, simulating an abandoned factory with an industrial-style roof.

Meanwhile, the main hall of the exhibition is a dark foyer lit by Japanese poster lights that welcome visitors.

The LED lights are the main protagonists of the exhibition, as well as the novelty and innovation that can be seen in each of the rooms with a different theme.

In the exhibition rooms you can appreciate novel rooms: one inspired by camouflage, another with mirrors and lanterns and also one inspired by the light art of Picasso.

An exhibition with a history

Ikono’s immersive experience has been a great success in Madrid and Rome, accumulating hours of queues in both places.

With its arrival in Barcelona, the exhibition is expected to attract a large number of visitors, especially those looking for an innovative and unique visual experience.

Ikono is an exhibition that offers a unique immersive experience that, upon its arrival in Barcelona, becomes one of the main attractions for art and photography lovers in the city.

Ikono is an immersive art gallery that seeks to create a unique and visually stunning experience for its visitors.

Through LED light technology and different decorative elements, Ikono offers a sensory and emotional experience that seeks to surprise and captivate visitors.

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