Cab driver in Barcelona prefers paper map to GPS

Barcelona cab driver prefers paper map to GPS

In a world where technology seems to be omnipresent, the story of a Barcelona cab driver has stood out for its more classic approach to finding directions: the use of paper maps rather than relying exclusively on GPS.

This unusual method has gone viral on the TikTok platform, where a video shared by user @eleonorafg_ captured the moment when the cab driver carefully consulted a map before embarking on his journey, generating a wave of nostalgia and admiration among viewers.

The skills of the Barcelona cab driver

The video, which has accumulated more than 630 thousand views and more than 72 thousand likes, shows the cab driver skillfully checking the map before leaving, evoking memories of past times and surprise among users.

The publication has unleashed an avalanche of comments praising the cab driver’s choice to rely on traditional methods to ensure quality service.

The scene, while surprising in the digital age in which we live, has resonated with many users who appreciate the cab driver’s skill and knowledge of the city streets.

Comments on the publication reflect admiration for his decision to rely on his experience and ability to navigate the city without relying solely on technology.

Phrases such as “Toyota, classic map and classic music. Sure is a good cab driver” and “Never trust Google Maps” highlight users’ appreciation of traditional methods.

“Childhood memories, love this vintage feel,” the user wrote alongside the video, reflecting the sentiment shared by many viewers who value the simplicity and familiarity of traditional methods of navigation.

Comments on the post praise the cab driver’s skill and confidence in paper maps, highlighting phrases such as “He’ll never run out of battery” and “Now that’s a good cab driver.”

Dependence on technology

The story of the Barcelona cab driver has generated an online conversation about the dependence on technology in everyday life and the importance of valuing and preserving more traditional methods of guidance.

Although technology has transformed the way we move around the world, the story of the cab driver reminds us of the importance of keeping alive the skills and knowledge of the past.

Although in today’s digital age GPS is often the most common navigation tool, this cab driver has shown that some professionals still rely on traditional methods to ensure quality service.

The scene, which may seem unusual in these technological times, has sparked memories of times past and generated an appreciation for the simplicity of traditional methods of navigation, as well as recognition of the cab driver’s skills.




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