Barcelona and Catalonia, leading players in the growth of the video game sector

Barcelona and Catalonia, leading players in the growth of the video game sector

The video game industry continues to grow exponentially. In fact, it is one of the pillars of the digital economy worldwide where Barcelona and Catalonia play a relevant role.

In 2021, it reached a turnover of US$175.8 billion and continues to grow steadily.

China and the United States lead this market, generating 46 billion and 40 billion euros respectively, while Europe accounts for only 18% of global business.

Barcelona and Catalonia in the video game sector

Catalonia has become the engine of the Spanish video game ecosystem, accounting for 50% of the sector’s turnover in Spain.

It is also the European Union region with the highest number of projects carried out, investments received and jobs created in this industry.

In 2022, Catalonia had 206 video game studios that generated more than 500 million euros and nearly 4,000 direct jobs.

This success is due, in part, to the choice of Barcelona as the headquarters of important international companies in the sector.

The city has proven to be an attractive location for the establishment of video game development studios, thanks to its quality of life and its image as a creative and artistic city.

Which companies have bet on the Catalan capital?

These are some of the multinationals that have made a firm commitment to the Catalan capital.


This French company has been present in Catalonia since the 1990s. Its studios in Barcelona, and previously in Sant Cugat, have collaborated in the creation of successful video games worldwide, such as Assassin’s Creed, Beyond Good & Evil 2 and Rainbow Six. Ubisoft has developed some of the highest quality video games in the industry from Barcelona.


In 2020, this South Korean company chose Barcelona to open its first international studio with the aim of designing video games and expanding into Western markets. Its flagship game, Crossfire, has millions of players worldwide and has generated more than $10 billion.

CI Games

Despite the pandemic, CI Games opened its own studio in Barcelona in the fall of 2020 for the development of action and fantasy role-playing games. The company highlighted the strong digital, technology and gaming ecosystem that Barcelona offers. From the city, we worked on the creation of the second part of Lords of the Fallen, one of the most successful sagas in the sector.

King in Barcelona and Catalonia

This British company, creator of Candy Crush, arrived in Barcelona in 2012 and has been expanding its studio and team ever since. King was one of the first major international companies in the sector to establish itself in Barcelona, developing the local video game ecosystem.

The presence of these large companies in Barcelona has contributed to the economic growth of the city.