The world of literature at Sant Jordi 2024

The world of literature at Sant Jordi 2024

April 23 is a special date in the Catalan calendar, marked by the celebration of Sant Jordi 2024. This festival, unique in the world, combines the tradition of giving roses with the passion for books, turning the streets into a bustling scene of cultural and literary exchange.

On this occasion we present a selection of the best literary novelties that we have had the pleasure of reading this year.

Some recommended books for Sant Jordi 2024

  • “Seixanta-sis sinofossos” by Adrià Pujol Cruells This book is a compilation of sixty-six short texts, brilliant and full of humor, which address a wide range of topics, from literature to everyday life. With honest prose and a unique perspective, Adrià Pujol invites us to reflect and laugh at the same time, in an entertaining exercise of introspection and social criticism.


  • “Ocaso y fascinación” by Eva Baltasar Eva Baltasar, known for her triptych on motherhood, surprises us with this new novel that explores marginality and the search for meaning in the midst of adversity. With poetic prose and a penetrating gaze, Baltasar immerses us in the life of a young woman struggling to rebuild her life on the streets of the city, facing love, crime and devotion.


  • Confetti” by Jordi Puntí Jordi Puntí offers us a fascinating novel that revolves around the figure of Xavier Cugat, a Catalan musician who dedicated his life to the pursuit of happiness and fame. Through Cugat’s story, Puntí takes us on a journey from New York to Hollywood, exploring friendship, ambition and human nature.


  • Kairos” by Jenny Erpenbeck In this novel, Jenny Erpenbeck transports us to East Berlin in 1986, just before the fall of the Wall, to tell us the story of Katharina, a young woman who falls in love with an older man in the midst of a changing world. With evocative prose and a penetrating gaze, Erpenbeck immerses us in the memories and emotions of his characters, exploring love and politics in turbulent times.


  • “Al bosc s’hi ha d’arribar quan encara és fosc” by Maria Arimany This book, Maria Arimany’s first literary work, is a collection of stories that explore fear, resignation and the desire to live other lives. With lively and vibrant prose, Arimany takes us on a journey to Montseny, exploring the myths and legends that inhabit its forests and the hearts of its characters.

Whether you prefer poetry, narrative or essay, there is something for everyone in this selection. So enjoy a world of stories and emotions at Sant Jordi.