Solidarity Gala in Barcelona to support the fight against cancer

Solidarity Gala in Barcelona to support the fight against cancer

In a night full of solidarity and hope, more than 600 people gathered at the emblematic Poble Espanyol in Barcelona to support the fight against cancer.

The charity gala, organized by Asociación Contra el Cáncer in Barcelona, was an event full of emotions and commitment, which culminated with an extraordinary collection of 345,000 euros to promote research and support for patients and families affected by this disease.

Hosted by journalist and volunteer of the Association, Elisenda Camps, the gala began with an emotional video with the participation of celebrities, health professionals, volunteers and most importantly, patients and families affected by cancer.

This collective testimony served as a reminder of the profound impact this disease has on the lives of so many people and as an inspiration to continue fighting for a future without cancer.

The highlight of the evening was the dialogue between the presenter and Dr. Laureano Molins, president of the Association Against Cancer in Barcelona. Dr. Molins stressed the importance of working towards the ambitious goal of 70% cancer survival by 2030.

To achieve this goal, he emphasized the need to invest in prevention, research and comprehensive support for patients and their families. His speech resonated with the audience, renewing his commitment to the cause.

Solidarity Gala to support the fight against cancer

The presence of well-known figures such as actress Cristina Brondo, chef Miquel Antoja and actor and producer Daniel Horvath, among others, added a touch of prestige and visibility to the gala. His public support not only raised awareness about the importance of the fight against cancer, but also inspired others to join the cause.

The evening concluded with a lively dance session, enlivened by the group The Tutsies, and an acrobatic performance symbolizing the journey of a person with cancer from the moment of diagnosis. These moments of celebration and camaraderie demonstrated that even in the midst of adversity, hope and joy can flourish.

The Association Against Cancer in Barcelona has been a fundamental pillar in the fight against this disease for more than 70 years. With a vast network of dedicated members, volunteers and professionals, the association works tirelessly to support those affected, raise awareness of cancer and fund innovative research projects.

Leading cancer research in the country

Currently, the association is the leading entity in cancer research funding in Spain, allocating more than 104 million euros to 565 research projects involving more than 1,500 researchers.