3 craft breweries in Catalonia that you will want to visit

3 craft breweries in Catalonia that you will want to visit
Image by Marcelo Ikeda Tchelão ( Pixabay.com), all rights reserved.

Beer is not just a beverage, it is an experience, a sensory journey that deserves to be explored and enjoyed. In Catalonia, the craft beer scene is booming, offering a variety of flavors and aromas worth discovering. Are you ready to dive into the amazing world of craft breweries? Here are three places you can’t miss.

We invite you to take a tour of these craft breweries

1. La Cervesera del Poblenou (Pasaje de Ratés, 13, Sant Martí)

Located in the heart of Barcelona, La Cervesera del Poblenou is a real treasure for craft beer lovers. Since 2014, this brewery has been dedicated exclusively to the production of organic craft beers. The union of two local projects, CESC and JK beers, gave life to this initiative that seeks to offer artisanal, ecological and sustainable products.

With a strong commitment to the environment, La Cervesera del Poblenou uses local ingredients in its brews, such as malts from Calaf and Almacelles, hops from Girona, and even surprising ingredients such as carrots and sweet potatoes from Maresme.

2. KIBUS (C/ de la Indústria, 10, Olost)

In the picturesque region of Lluçanès is KIBUS, a craft brewery that stands out for its commitment to quality and sustainability. Here, the beer is brewed in the traditional way, using the highest quality ingredients, many of which come from local organic crops, such as Forment wheat. With varieties ranging from a gluten-free Pale Ale with quinoa to a Blonde Wheat Ale, KIBUS offers a unique brewing experience.

In addition, they organize visits and tastings in their bakery, where visitors can learn about the entire production process. Would you like to visit them?

3. Craft Brewery Clúster Craft Beer (Espai Can Malé, s/n, Lliçà d’Amunt)

For those looking to immerse themselves in beer culture from a broader perspective, the Craft Beer Cluster is the perfect place. It is a group of companies and entities dedicated to the craft beer sector, which collaborate and share knowledge to promote tradition, diversity and sustainability in this exciting world. From farmers to sommeliers, the Cluster covers the entire value chain of good beer, defending a vision that values proximity and quality. Want to join this brewing community? Find out more about the Craft Beer Cluster and join the brewing revolution!

Finally, you should know that the craft brewery scene in Catalonia is full of treasures to discover, as there is always something for all tastes and preferences. So the next time you want to refresh yourself, think about these brewing gems and be amazed by their unique taste and authentic character!