Barcelona’s new green lung: Margaret Michaelis Gardens in Vallcarca i Penitents

Barcelona's new green lung: Margaret Michaelis Gardens in Vallcarca i Penitents

Barcelona has welcomed a remarkable addition to its urban landscape. The new Margaret Michaelis Gardens, located in the picturesque neighborhood of Vallcarca i Penitents, in the heart of Gràcia, have become a favorite meeting place for residents and visitors alike.

With an investment of 2.52 million euros, the Barcelona City Council has transformed a previously wasteland into a 2,000 square meter green oasis.

This space, dedicated to the renowned photographer Margaret Michaelis, offers much more than rest areas and a children’s play area; it is a living testimony to the collaboration between the community and municipal authorities to improve the quality of life in the city.

The Margaret Michaelis Gardens in Vallcarca i Penitents

The Margaret Michaelis Gardens are strategically located at the intersection of Vallcarca Avenue and Anna Piferrer Street, adjacent to the Guardia Urbana police station and in front of the Penitents metro station on L3.

This prime location not only offers easy access for local residents, but also revitalizes a previously neglected area.

The highlight of this project is its innovative design, which takes advantage of the natural slope of the land. With three distinct levels, the gardens offer a variety of spaces for people to enjoy.

From slides to integrated ladders, each level is designed to encourage interaction and exploration, making the park a popular destination for families and youngsters alike.

In addition to their recreational function, the Margaret Michaelis Gardens also have deep historical and cultural significance. Margaret Michaelis, the honored photographer, left a lasting legacy in Barcelona with her documentary work during the Spanish Civil War and her commitment to the local community.

His photography studio, Foto-elis, was located near the gardens, making this green space a moving tribute to his memory.

Natural beauty and environmental sustainability

Another notable aspect of this project is its commitment to environmental sustainability. Although there are currently restrictions due to drought, it is expected that once lifted, lush vegetation will be added.

In addition, aromatic plant areas are being planned to promote biodiversity and create a welcoming environment for visitors.

The opening of Margaret Michaelis Gardens not only provides a new quality public space, but also improves connectivity in the neighborhood. With new routes and access ramps, this project has strengthened the links between Anna Piferrer, Otília Castellví and Cesare Cantù streets, facilitating movement and improving accessibility for all.

With its innovative design, rich history and focus on sustainability, this new green lung has become a landmark in Barcelona.