Authentic Street Style in downtown Barcelona

street-styleThe city does not speak of itself only through its streets, its monuments, its museums, its initiatives… it also does so through its inhabitants. The character of the people who live in a city is intrinsically linked to the character of the city. Through their styles, people talk about the city in which they live.

The style of the people on the street is what is known as the street style. This is something very personal, but if we generalize, the tendency of men and women of all ages, nowadays, is to create their image through the fusion of old fashions and garments with new and latest trends. And the fact is that vintage arrived some time ago with the intention of staying…
And for some time now, street style has been driving the fashion world. It is no longer so much the models and brands that create trends, but anonymous people who, thanks to new technologies and the Internet (blogs, social networks…) have become authentic fashion influencers.
fashion influencers

In a city that moves art, as is the case of Barcelona, the street style can be of the most varipinto…
The team has gone out to the street and has searched, in the heart of Barcelona, the authentic street style. And what they have found is immortalized in a small audiovisual report that shows the essence of our city through its inhabitants. Original, stylish, creative, with a lot of character… that’s Barcelona, and so are its inhabitants.

You can watch the video here: