Bellesguard Tower

Bellesguard TowerThe Bellesguard Tower is probably one of the least known works of Antoni Gaudí. But this does not make it any less important or less beautiful.

The Torre Bellesguard is a beautiful mansion that is located on the hillside of Collserola, a place where, before the mansion, there was a castle that belonged to Martí l’Humà, a Catalan monarch who reigned in the fifteenth century.

Over time, the castle was abandoned and some claim that it then became the refuge of Serrallonga, a famous Catalan bandit.

The Bellesguard Tower did not take the form it currently has until 1900, which was precisely when he began to work and mold the old abandoned castle after an assignment from Maria Sagues Molins, widow of Jaume Figueras. In fact, although it is commonly known as Torre Bellesguard, its official name is Casa Figueras.

The tower was erected by Gaudí as a tribute to King Martí l’Humà. And a walk through the palace allows you to discover many corners that recall that era of splendor and at the same time decadence. During the civil war, the Bellesguard Tower became an orphanage. And later an oncologist, Dr. Guilera, bought it and turned it into his own clinic. Today, it is still owned by the Guilera family.

Although it is not one of Gaudí’s best known works, it is certainly worth knowing and discovering, as it is not only architecturally beautiful, but also has a fascinating history behind its walls.