Beardsley, for the decoration lovers

beardleyWe moved to Peritxol street in Barcelona in search of a charming corner: Beardsley.

Peritxol street itself is a street full of charm; and in it remains, for many years, a very special store, Beardley. A corner that any decoration lover will fall in love with. It preserves the essence of the past and has a certain nostalgic air… A visit to the store means having to suppress the desire to touch each and every one of the decorative wonders in the store.

Beardsley opened its doors on Peritxol Street in 1890. Before, it was a taxi-dance, where gentlemen acquired tickets that allowed them to dance with ladies. It seems that the dance-taxi didn’t work out and after its closure the Pastisseria Mallorquina was installed in the premises, which still exists today, but in another place. And when it moved, Beardsley opened its doors.

The store has two floors full of decorative objects of medium and small size… Charming objects with a certain British air that give the store a nostalgic, but at the same time very cozy feel.

If you are a lover of decoration and interior design, a visit to this store is -almost- mandatory. And it is not just another decoration store, it is a store with a lot of charm and history behind its walls…
It is located at 12, Peritxol Street.