Croissants Fest” to celebrate the croissant world in Barcelona

Croissants Fest

Barcelona, known for its gastronomic diversity and love for good food, is preparing to receive a unique event that will delight the palates of all pastry lovers: the Croissants Fest.

This festival, which will take place on November 16 and 17, 2024 at Poble Espanyol, will mark the first edition dedicated exclusively to the croissant in the city.

Organized by Edu González, the gastronomic visionary behind the successful Patatas Bravas Barcelona project, the Croissants Fest promises to be a tribute to one of the most beloved delicacies of French pastry.

With the participation of the best bakeries in Barcelona, the festival will offer attendees the opportunity to taste a wide variety of croissants, from the most traditional to the most innovative.

One of the most exciting features of Croissants Fest is its focus on the diversity of flavors and styles of croissants.

In addition to the search for the best traditional croissant, the festival will also host a competition dedicated to gourmet croissants, challenging participants to surprise with unique combinations of ingredients and preparation techniques.

The main objective of the Croissants Fest is to find the best croissant in town. The winners will be selected by a popular jury, who will have the opportunity to taste the products at the various stands on the site, as well as by a professional jury yet to be determined.

Croissants Fest” to celebrate the world of croissants

The free admission event is designed to be inclusive and accessible to all ages. However, those who wish to enjoy an even more exclusive experience will have the option of purchasing a VIP pass that will include a premium croissant and a special drink.

In addition to the delicious croissants, the festival will also highlight other puff pastry delicacies, such as napolitanas and assorted pastries.

Visitors will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of innovative gastronomic proposals, from croissant burgers to croissant omelets, demonstrating the versatility and creativity of this iconic pastry product.

The Croissants Fest joins the list of gastronomic festivals organized by Patatas Bravas Barcelona, which include events dedicated to other emblematic products of the cuisine, such as the Bravas Fest and the Pizzas Fest.

These festivals are not only an opportunity to enjoy delicious food, but also to celebrate Barcelona’s rich culinary culture and highlight the talent of local chefs and pastry chefs.

Barcelona: the perfect setting

With its long history as the croissant capital of Spain, Barcelona is the perfect setting for this unique festival. Croissants Fest promises to be an unforgettable event to delight the senses and will consolidate the city’s reputation as a top culinary destination.

Croissants Fest is a deliciously tempting celebration.