We met Bety : a young entrepreneur from Barcelona, promoter of quality craftsmanship.

In times like these it is very nice to see how people who represent the future and hope of our country continue to fight to carry out their dreams.

Today salirporbarcelona meets Bety Pallares.

A very young entrepreneur but with very clear ideas.

He presents his project “the shiny brands”.

A project born in Barcelona with a goal full of passion and love.

Bety Pallares Founder of “The shiny brands”.

Tell us Bety … what is “The shiny brands”? And how was the idea born?

The Shiny Brands is a Handmade Jewelry Marketplace of pieces made in Spain, the idea was born as a final year project and I perfected it when I finished the Master in Digital Marketing last year and today fortunately it is growing day by day.

We have seen that one of your objectives is to support local craftsmanship. In such a globalized world, do you think that we are increasingly revaluing the “handmade”?

Yes, totally. In northern European countries such as Germany, for example, they buy a lot of handicrafts and support the small local, Spain is gradually becoming more aware in this field. Since I started the project I wanted to do my bit for this fascinating and important sector.

What criteria do you use to choose the artisans who collaborate in “The shiny brands”?

For example, we only collaborate with craftsmen who work with noble materials such as silver, gold or precious stones and who have a minimalist style and above all who work with passion and high quality.

Now tell us something about yourself. Who is Bety, the creator of “The shiny brands”?

I define myself as a restless and enterprising person. I have been developing projects and carrying them out for years. During my professional career I have spent many years in real estate and have created new teams within national companies and all of them are still working.

I would like to create the same team atmosphere among the best artisans in the country around my project.

Barcelona is the city where you were born and where you live: how would you define it in three words?

Smart, Cosmopolitan and Authentic

What is your favorite restaurant in the city?

La Fianna. It is a peculiar and original place in the Borne of Barcelona, perfect if you are looking for a quiet and inspiring atmosphere. It is divided in two atmospheres, one of local of drinks and another one of restaurant. It has a very good menu of cocktails, drinks and dishes. I would definitely recommend it.

La Fianna Carrer de Manresa, 4, 08003 Barcelona

And your favorite corner of the city? the one that makes you disconnect from everything and where you like to take refuge when you can?

Walking through the center of Gracia, it is a lively neighborhood and gives me very good vibes.

Thank you Bety for dedicating this interview to us.

We hope that your project will continue to shine as its very name invites us to think it will !

The Shiny Brands