Night tour to get to know the ghostly Barcelona

Night tour to get to know the ghostly Barcelona

Exorcisms, witchcraft, haunted convents and records of ghostly apparitions can all be found in the streets of Barcelona. If you are interested in the ghostly mysteries of the city, then you have to take the Night Tour to get to know the ghostly Barcelona. On this tour, you will have the opportunity to get to know the B side of one of the cities with the most paranormal phenomena in the region. Would you like to get to know it?

Ghostly Barcelona, a different way of seeing the city

Even if you live here, in this ghost tour you will get to know different places in the city that stand out for having a supernatural history. This tour for one person goes through the neighborhoods of Sant Pere, Santa Caterina and La Ribera. The selection of the tour locations is based on Sylvia Lagarda-Mata’s book Fantasmes de Barcelona, in which different stories of ghosts in the city are told.

Tour of the night tour of ghostly Barcelona

The route based on the work of Sylvia Lagarda-Mata includes Arc de Tiomf, Portal Nou, Sant Pere square, Flor de Lliri street, Santa Caterina market, Marcús square, Neu de Sant Cugat streets, Rec, Moncada, Paseo del Borne and Espartería.

The tour starts at the Arc de Tiomf and continues in the neighborhoods of Sant Pere, Santa Caterina and La Ribera, where you can learn about the history of enigmatic mysteries. Then, in Portal Nou street, very close to the Arc de Tiomf, you can learn about the legends of the specters of a miserly blacksmith and his apprentice, who appear from time to time to visitors. Why? A murder mystery about which you will be told very interesting details.

During the tour you will also stop by the Santa Caterina Market. Very few people know it, but in this popular square there is an old convent where, according to the story, Satan used to visit the novices. To try to expel him, several black masses were offered with chilling results. To end the tour, you will go to the route in front of the Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar, where some of its parishioners have witnessed the presence of strange shadows and spirits.

Why is it a great plan?

Barcelona hides great ghostly secrets in its streets at nightfall. If you want to know the stories that have marked the lives of our ancestors, then you have to take this tour. During the walk you will learn real stories about exorcisms, witchcraft, haunted convents and ghostly apparitions in the neighborhoods of our city.

This activity is done in groups and with the guidance of an expert in supernatural themes who comments on the history of each place. There you will also have the opportunity to meet people with the same interests as you in the paranormal or in a little known side of Barcelona.

For those of you who are writing to us to find out how to sign up, we do not directly organize any tour.
We make known the possibilities that exist, but it is fair for everyone to choose the one he/she wants.
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