This Sunday, enjoy a bicycle acrobatics show

bicycle acrobatics

Since the bicycle was invented we have all enjoyed its benefits, whether in health or fun; however, some have found a new way to entertain and amuse themselves by doing bicycle stunts.

There is something hypnotic about this show because the risk is something strange, but at the same time it is beautiful to see how someone makes something complicated look simple.

Want to see it first hand? You don’t need to go to a circus, because on Sunday, September 29 you can enjoy the show Sobre rodes in Barcelona, a show that has acrobatic bicycles as protagonists.

A bicycle acrobatics show in the heart of Barcelona

Sobre rodes is a bicycle acrobatics show recommended for all audiences, both young and old. So you can enjoy a show full of magic and humor with an element as common and trivial as a bicycle.

Your view of this means of transport will change completely after the show!

The show will begin at 12 noon in the courtyard of La Casa Elizalde, although if you want a privileged view and greater comfort, it is advisable to go with a little time. You can also take the opportunity to buy some snacks and drinks to enjoy with your family and friends.

The entrance fee is 3 euros for adults and free for children under three years old, so if you have children or young nieces and nephews, you can take them to enjoy an afternoon full of magic thanks to the beautiful acrobatics of the artists.

You can purchase your ticket on the website of La Casa Elizalde or from 11 am at the venue and on the day of the show.

If you choose this option, then consider going early to make sure you get a place, especially if you are attending with many people.

What is Sobre rodes?

Sobre rodes is an artistic project of bicycle acrobatics that combines the most daring acrobatic techniques with humor to generate a real show with the bicycle, a common object that is normally associated only with a means of transportation.

With thousands of kilometers of touring bringing joy to countries around the world, Sobre rodes has been performing its circus acrobatics since the summer of 2013 and includes different acts that highlight how art can be made with an object as simple as a bicycle.

Dance, music and acrobatics of all kinds, is what characterizes this show that shows how the human being can make an artistic spectacle with the combination of strength, flexibility, technique, intelligence, artistic sensitivity, control and inertia, without forgetting the art.