The Golondrinas return to enjoy Barcelona from the sea during the America’s Cup sailing competition

The Golondrinas return to enjoy Barcelona from the sea during the America's Cup sailing competition

The Port of Barcelona is getting ready to receive one of the most important sporting events of the year: the America’s Cup sailing competition. And to celebrate, Las Golondrinas, the iconic boats that have witnessed the historical evolution of the city, return with a new special route that offers visitors a unique experience to enjoy the regattas from the sea.

From now until August 21, the Port of Barcelona offers two daily departures for a special route that runs through the bases of the six competing teams in this year’s America’s Cup.

This experience, which combines history, excitement and spectacular views, allows passengers to witness live the tasks the teams routinely perform as they prepare for the competition.

The Golondrinas return to enjoy Barcelona from the sea

The route departs from Les Drassanes dock and offers a one-hour sailing that immerses visitors in the unique atmosphere of the America’s Cup. Through an audio guide service, passengers have the opportunity to learn about the history of the event and the participating teams, which adds informative value to this exciting experience.

However, starting August 22, when the competition is in full swing, Las Golondrinas will change its route to offer visitors the opportunity to witness the races from a privileged perspective: the sea.

These special routes will have a capacity of 900 people per day and will allow to follow the exciting races of the boats from the front row, as well as through LED screens that will provide additional information about the competition.

The cost to enjoy these experiences varies according to the option chosen. Prices for the final races range from 176 to 220 euros per adult, while the tour of the participating teams’ bases costs a more affordable 13.20 euros per adult.

The latter option provides a unique insight into the preparations and technology involved in the competition, allowing visitors to get close to the very heart of the America’s Cup.

A live experience

The agreement between Las Golondrinas and the competition organizers demonstrates the commitment of both parties to offer spectators an unforgettable experience during the America’s Cup sailing competition in Barcelona.

From the history and tradition of Las Golondrinas to the thrill of witnessing the regattas live from the sea, this collaboration promises to thrill and captivate all lovers of sport and adventure.

These vessels, which date back to 1888 and have a rich history in the city, will once again ply the waters of the port on a route specially designed to offer passengers an unforgettable experience during the America’s Cup.