La Mina Font Library closed due to the presence of rats

La Mina Font Library closed due to the presence of rats

The quiet atmosphere of reading and learning at the Font de La Mina Library, located in the Sant Adrià de Besòs neighborhood, has been interrupted by an unwanted visitor: rats.

For several days now, the library has been closed, officially due to “technical problems”, but the reality behind this closure is the invasion of these rodents in the false ceilings of the building.

The presence of rats in the library has been confirmed by sources close to the city council, who have revealed that these animals have entered the false ceilings of the facility, attracted by leftover food.

Although it was initially reported that the closure was due to “technical problems”, it was later admitted that the foul odors detected in the building were the result of the presence of rats in the false ceilings.

The Font de La Mina Library is closed

The partial closure of the Font de La Mina Library specifically affects the library area, while the cultural space in the same building remains open. The municipal authorities have assured that work is underway to solve the problem of the invasion of rats, which have been trapped in a gap between the exterior facade of the building and the internal wall.

This closure will be maintained until a definitive solution has been found and the risk posed by these animals to the health and safety of users has been eliminated.

The City Council of Sant Adrià de Besòs has responded to the concerns of citizens by assuring that it is not a plague of rats, but rather a localized incident.

However, they recognize that this is an area where these animals are normally present, so periodic rat exterminations are carried out. In addition, a hole has been identified in the library wall through which a rat could have entered the building, causing bad odors and inconvenience to users.

Others affected

The situation also affects the Casal Cívico de La Mina, where rats have caused concern among families and children who regularly attend the place.

Employees of the center have expressed frustration with the lack of ongoing cleaning and landscaping maintenance in the courtyard of the casal, which has contributed to the increased presence of rats in the area.

The Casal Infantil La Mina association has received complaints from families due to the presence of rodents, both inside the building and outside.

In an effort to address this problem, new traps have been installed outside the property to capture the rats and control their population. However, until the problem is completely resolved, the closure will be maintained.