Lego Collector’s Passport: a free gift that wins over fans

Lego Collector's Passport: a free gift that wins over fans

For fans of Lego building blocks, visiting one of the brand’s official stores is an experience that goes beyond simply acquiring new sets. In Barcelona, as well as in many other parts of the world, these stores offer a unique and special gift for the most loyal fans: the Lego Collector’s Passport.

This passport, which is distributed free of charge in all official Lego stores around the world, has become a real treasure for collectors of the brand.

With the possibility of getting stamps from each of the stores visited, this souvenir is much more than just a souvenir; it’s a way to connect with the global community of Lego fans.

Lego Collector Passport

The Lego Collector’s Passport consists of a first page that can be personalized with a photo and the user’s data, followed by several pages dedicated to the collection of stamps from the various points of sale.

In addition to regular stamps, Lego also periodically creates limited-time special stamps for special events, adding an element of exclusivity and excitement to the collecting experience.

Most surprising of all, this passport can be obtained without making any purchases in stores. Just ask the staff, and you will have in your hands a unique collector’s item that will allow you to keep track of your visits to Lego stores around the world.

However, due to its growing popularity, the Lego Collector’s Passport has sold out in many stores and is now being resold on second-hand platforms such as Wallapop for around €10.

While some may see this as an opportunity to obtain the passport if they were not lucky enough to get it at the store, many others prefer to keep their passport as a true treasure of their personal collection.

A brilliant brand strategy

The strategy of giving away the Lego Collector’s Passport without purchase is a shining example of how to build and maintain customer loyalty. Beyond simply generating sales, this action focuses on creating a positive experience for consumers and strengthening emotional ties with the brand.

Lego has become an attraction for young and old, transcending its traditional role as a simple pastime for children.

The Lego Collector Passport is a symbol of fans’ passion and commitment to the brand, as well as a window into a global community of Lego fans who share a common passion for building and creativity.