We talk about the best pizzerias in Barcelona, because there are many pizzerias in our city but few deserve to enter our list.

The city of Barcelona is known for many things: its modernist architecture, its golden beaches and its lively nightlife. But what may not be so obvious at first glance is the thriving gastronomic scene that this Catalan metropolis has to offer. Amidst a rich palette of flavors ranging from traditional Spanish cuisine to global influences, Barcelona’s best pizzerias have excelled in providing authenticity and flavor in every bite.

In this article, we will take you on a tour through the streets of Barcelona to discover the pizza gems hidden in this
discover the pizza gems hidden in this Mediterranean city.
. From historic locations to the most innovative creations, Barcelona’s best pizzerias offer a culinary experience that rivals their Italian counterparts. So get ready for a gastronomic journey through Barcelona as we explore the delicious options available to you in your search for the perfect pizza.

Prepare your appetite and join us on this exciting culinary journey through the best pizzerias in Barcelona!

La Pizza Pazza

WEB: www.pizzapazza-bcn.com

Carrer Ample, 44, 08002 Barcelona

In the heart of Barcelona, in Ample street, we find a little piece of Italy that has been able to conquer the hearts and palates of the locals since 2009. Pizzeria Pizza Pazza,founded by the Calabrian brothers Luca and Corrado, is a true temple of traditional Italian gastronomy.

Originally from the region of Calabria, Italy, famous for its “peperoncino” (hot bell pepper), Luca and Corrado have brought with them the authenticity and flavor of their homeland. One of the delicacies offered at Pizza Pazza is a spicy oil made with this characteristic ingredient, which gives a special touch to their culinary creations.

La-Pizza-Pazza-barcelona-773x1030The gastronomic offer in Pizza Pazza is varied and tempting and this place could not miss in our review of the best pizzerias in Barcelona.

You can enjoy whole or portioned pizzas, and best of all, you have the option to enjoy them in the cozy local or order them to take home. The secret of its success lies in the use of quality products, most of which are imported directly from Italy.

Luca’s passion for quality local products and Corrado’s experience as a master chef for many years are reflected in each of the delicious creations that come out of his oven. Each pizza is carefully prepared to offer a culinary experience that will transport you to the authentic pizzerias of Italy.

But Pizza Pazza is not only a place to enjoy delicious pizzas; it’s also a store of Italian products that allows you to take a little piece of Italy home with you. Its selection of products imported from Italy includes the famous peperoncino calabrese sauce and funghi sauce with peperoncino, ideal for adding an Italian touch to your homemade dishes.

If you are a lover of Italian drinks, at Pizza Pazza you will also find a wide variety of options. From the classic Chinotto to the refreshing Aranciata San Pellegrino, as well as the beloved Italian beers such as Peroni and Ichnusa, here you can quench your thirst with authentic Italian beverages that will transport you to the sunny piazzas of Italy.

In addition, Pizzeria Pizza Pazza has convenient hours to suit your needs. Open every day, from noon to night, from Monday to Sunday, they offer you the opportunity to enjoy their cuisine at any time. They also accept take-out orders by phone, so you can enjoy their authentic Italian food from the comfort of your home.

To keep up to date on events and special offers, they invite you to follow their Facebook page. And if you have been conquered by the taste of their pizzas, do not hesitate to share your opinion and rate your experience on Tripadvisor.

In short, Pizza Pazza is much more than a pizzeria; it is a corner of Italy in Barcelona where the passion for quality food and Italian authenticity combine to give you an unforgettable culinary experience. Come and enjoy the best of traditional Italian cuisine in the heart of Barcelona.



Ristorante Pizzeria Eden Barcelona

WEB: http://www.pizzeriaeden.com

C/ de Provença, 332, 08037 Barcelona

Speaking of the best pizzerias in Barcelona we cannot forget this place.

With more than a decade of experience, Ristorante Pizzeria Eden, located at 332 Provença Street in Barcelona, has firmly established its reputation as a renowned dining destination. This cozy restaurant is the ideal place for lovers of authentic Italian food in the city.

Ristorante-Pizzeria-Eden-Barcelona-1030x702What distinguishes Ristorante Pizzeria Eden from other places is its dedication to culinary excellence. This is where pasta, risottos and, of course, pizzas are at their best. The pizza, in particular, stands out as the best in Barcelona. With a thin and crispy dough, Roman style, and the choice of the best ingredients, each bite is an explosion of flavors that will transport you directly to Italy.

A unique feature that makes Ristorante Pizzeria Eden even more special is its commitment to inclusiveness and food diversity. In its varied proposal, you will find gluten-free and vegan options, ensuring that all diners, regardless of their preferences or dietary needs, can enjoy authentic Italian cuisine with total satisfaction.

This culinary corner is much more than a simple restaurant; it is a place where tradition meets innovation to create dishes that delight the most demanding palates. Centrally located in the city of Barcelona, Ristorante Pizzeria Eden has become a point of reference for those seeking an authentic and high quality dining experience.

Buon Appetito

Av. del Marquès de l’Argentera, 19, 08003 Barcelona

In the heart of the picturesque Borne district in Barcelona, you will find a special corner where the authenticity of Italian cuisine meets tradition and passion. Here, the treasured recipes come directly from their families, rooted in the very origins of Italian cuisine. Every dish served by this one of the best pizzerias in Barcelona has a story to tell, a tradition that has been carefully preserved over the generations. In this house, they firmly believe in the genuine origin of things.

pizzeria buon appetito barcelonaPizza doughs are the crown jewel of their culinary offerings. With a natural fermentation process that lasts 72 hours, they achieve a dough that stands out for its unparalleled lightness and flavor. Each bite is a tribute to the roots of Italian gastronomy, where simplicity merges with passion to create flavors that stand the test of time.

In addition to offering an exceptional dining experience, this cozy corner in the Borne has spacious private rooms specially equipped for groups and private celebrations, with capacity for up to 50 people. Whether it is a family reunion, a celebration among friends or a special event, here you can enjoy a warm and hospitable atmosphere where food and company come together in a memorable experience.

In short, in the heart of El Borne, you will find a place where the authenticity of Italian cuisine is combined with a passion for tradition. Every recipe, every carefully fermented pizza dough, every space for sharing special moments, all reflect their commitment to providing a unique culinary experience. In this corner of the Borne, the origin of Italian cuisine comes to life in the third person.

Da Michele

C/ del Consell de Cent, 336, 08009 Barcelona
L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele is one of the best pizzerias in Barcelona, a culinary jewel born in 1870 in the heart of Naples and known worldwide, is preparing to land in Barcelona next December with the opening of its first location in Spain.

Da Michele is the most emblematic pizzeria in Naples, a place that attracts crowds daily in search of authentic Neapolitan pizza. On their menu, the undisputed star is a pizza made with thin dough, fior di latte cheese, baked in a wood-fired oven and served steaming hot. This delicacy will now be available to the people of Barcelona in a central location at 336 Consell de Cent street. The 350-square-meter restaurant has a capacity for more than 100 diners.

The purpose of Da Michele is to bring to Barcelona the essence, the recipe and the ingredients that have made it one of the most famous pizzerias in the world. It has even been the setting for renowned movies, such as the well-known “Eat, Pray, Love”, in which Julia Roberts discovers Da Michele’s Margherita pizza.

The menu, in line with the simplicity that characterizes the brand, will include five types of pizza, including the traditional Margherita and Marinara, as well as antipasti, desserts and drinks. Customers who prefer can take their pizzas home to enjoy them at home.

After opening its first branch in Rome in 2018, Da Michele will continue its expansion in Milan and Barcelona. In addition, the restaurant group has plans to open new pizzerias in Madrid and Valencia later this year. The expansion in the Iberian Peninsula will be in charge of the company Fornace Barcelona SL.

Marco Condurro, one of the heirs of Don Michele, assures that “it is a challenge for the company to offer the same product and atmosphere that have made Da Michele Naples a cult place for pizza lovers. The Mediterranean similarities shared by Naples and Barcelona have been the reason for choosing this city as a destination”.

To guide this prestigious Neapolitan brand in its expansion process in the Iberian Peninsula, the law firm Indolfi & Indolfi is providing advice. The team of professionals, led by lawyer Paolo Indolfi, will accompany Da Michele in this exciting new stage of its history in Spain.

Sartoria Panatieri

WEB: http://sartoriapanatieri.com/

C/ de l’Encarnació, 51, 08024 Barcelona

At the heart of his culinary philosophy is the desire to return to the origin and authenticity, a tireless search for excellence in every bite. This is how Sartoria Panatieri has established itself as a beacon of respect for the product and sustainability in the world of gastronomy.

sartoriapanatieri-985x1030Each ingredient that crosses the threshold of Sartoria Panatieri is the result of a meticulous selection process. Although at first glance they may appear similar, the products are subjected to rigorous analysis. We study not only what they are, but who the producers are and how they carry out their work. Sustainability and quality are the unwavering pillars guiding this selection.

The search for authenticity is so deep that, at times, Sartoria Panatieri decides to get directly involved in the production processes, such as in the production of cured meats and cheeses. This commitment not only guarantees quality, but also strengthens connections with artisan producer friends who share the same passion for excellence.

Every element that makes up his culinary creations, from the tomatoes to the cheese and herbs, is carefully selected. Behind each ingredient, we seek to know who is behind its production, what is its history and its commitment to sustainability. At Sartoria Panatieri, every product tells a story of dedication and quality, and every dish is a manifestation of that deep respect for the product.

Pizza, in particular, becomes the ultimate expression of their work as chefs. Every aspect of the pizza is meticulously considered, from the dough that ferments and rises to the selection of each ingredient. Even the oven and wood are carefully chosen to ensure that each pizza is a masterpiece of taste and quality.

In short, Sartoria Panatieri is one of the best pizzerias in Barcelona, a culinary sanctuary where passion for authenticity and dedication to sustainability are sublimely intertwined. Each dish is a sign of respect for the product and the time invested in understanding and improving it. Every visit to this place becomes an exceptional culinary experience, where the commitment to excellence is evident in every bite.

La Pizza Del Born

Pg. del Born, 22, 08003 Barcelona
In the vibrant heart of Barcelona, you’ll find La Pizza del Born, an esteemed family business that has injected its passion for pizza and a touch of Argentina into the city’s culinary scene. Founded by the family’s visionary leader, whose roots extend all the way back to his homeland of Argentina, this pizzeria has been a beacon of innovation since its inception.

La-Pizza-Del-BornThe spark of the passion for pizza was ignited in 1982, a year that marked a milestone in Barcelona’s culinary history.

It was then that the founder of La Pizza del Born first introduced the revolutionary concept of selling pizza by the slice in Barcelona. This bold initiative not only broke with tradition, but also opened the door to a new way of enjoying this Italian delicacy.

The influence of Argentina can be felt in every corner of this place, from the unique flavors to the warm and welcoming hospitality that characterizes the family and their team. The combination of the passion for pizza and the desire to share a little piece of Argentina with the people of Barcelona has given rise to an exceptional culinary experience at La Pizza del Born.

Over the years, this family-owned business has continued to evolve and provide its customers with not only the authenticity of pizza, but also an authentic connection to the city’s culinary history. Every visit to La Pizza del Born is a journey into the past, recalling a pivotal moment in Barcelona’s gastronomic evolution while celebrating the timeless passion for pizza.

In short, La Pizza del Born is a tribute to the passion for pizza and the audacity to bring a piece of Argentina to the heart of Barcelona.

Their legacy as pioneers in the sale of pizza slices in Barcelona continues to this day, making them an unmissable destination for those looking for the perfect combination of flavor and tradition. Each slice of pizza tells a story of innovation and love of food that lives on today.

La Pimpa

C/ d’Europa, 24, 08028 Barcelona
Located in one of the busy streets of Barcelona, the establishment known as La Pimpa is presented as a unique culinary spot in the city and one of the best pizzerias in Barcelona.

La Pimpa’s cuisine is an authentic journey to Italy in the heart of Barcelona. This Italian restaurant has gained renown for its exceptional dishes, including succulent pizzas and pasta dishes that delight diners’ palates.

The uniqueness of La Pimpa lies in its ability to transport its customers through the flavors of Italy, without having to leave the city of Barcelona. Every bite is a tribute to authentic Italian cuisine, and the ambiance of the place adds a touch of charm to the dining experience.

In short, if you are in Barcelona and want an exceptional Italian dining experience, La Pimpa at Carrer Europa 24 is the ideal destination. Here, pizza and pasta are elevated to another level, providing an authentic taste of Italy in the heart of the city. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this culinary gem that has captivated locals and visitors alike.

Pizzeria San Marino

WEB: https://pizzeriasanmarino1.dudaone.com/

Carrer de la Ciutat, 12, 08002 Barcelona

In the picturesque old part of the city, you will find Pizzeria San Marino, a cozy corner that stands as a culinary refuge in the middle of the bustling metropolis. Easily accessible by subway or bus, it is the perfect setting for meetings with friends, romantic dinners or family meals.

What makes Pizzeria San Marino special is its simplicity, which transports diners to a warm and familiar atmosphere, reminiscent of authentic Italian trattorias. While maintaining uncompromising quality standards, the focus is on providing an experience that makes visitors feel at home.

pizzeriasanmarino1-1030x676This pizzeria is an ideal stop along the way while exploring the most attractive and interesting streets of the city. Here, diners can indulge in delicious pizzas, a tribute to authentic Italian tradition. The location in the heart of the Gothic Quarter adds a special touch to the experience, where you can savor culinary excellence in a historic and charming setting.

The menu of Pizzeria San Marino is a delicious symphony of pizzas prepared following the traditional recipe. Each pizza is made with fresh, top-quality ingredients, resulting in an unparalleled taste. In addition, affordability is a priority, ensuring that all budgets can enjoy these culinary delights.

In short, Pizzeria San Marino is much more than a place to enjoy exceptional pizzas; it is a trip to Italy in the middle of the city, a culinary experience that combines tradition with quality. Diners can be sure to leave more than satisfied after visiting this renowned establishment in the old town.

La Piazzenza

Av. de Gaudí, 27 – 29, 08025 Barcelona
Just steps away from the iconic Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, you will find La Piazzenza, a restaurant specializing in exquisite Italian cuisine, with a particular focus on pizza. This charming establishment has maintained the excellence of its pizzas over time and still offers the possibility of ordering them to take away.

From the terrace of La Piazzenza, diners can enjoy a panoramic view of the majestic Sagrada Familia, adding a special touch to the dining experience. Despite its proximity to one of the most emblematic monuments of the city, La Piazzenza retains its charm and remains a place of choice for those seeking an authentic Italian experience in the heart of Barcelona.

Pizzeria-la-piazzenzaFor those who wish to discover the flavors of La Piazzenza, the address is Avenida Gaudi, 16, an easily accessible place that can be found without complications using Google Maps.

This restaurant is a true culinary treasure in Barcelona, where the passion for Italian cuisine is evident in every dish. The pizzas are a delight not to be missed, but you should not overlook their tapas and calzone portions, which are also worthy of praise.

In the ranking of Italian cuisine restaurants in Barcelona, La Piazzenza stands out as the TOP 2 in the city, underlining its popularity and undisputed quality. In addition, its succulent pasta ration is ranked #4, while its attractive pasta dish is ranked #9.

In short, La Piazzenza is a culinary corner that combines Italian authenticity with the architectural beauty of Barcelona, offering a culinary experience that will delight all lovers of Italian cuisine. Each visit promises exceptional flavors and a unique view of the city, in an atmosphere that exudes charm and tradition.

BELLILLO Pizzeria Napoletana

C. d’Enric Granados, 15, 08007 Barcelona
In the central street d’Enric Granados, lovers of Italian gastronomy and varied flavors find their refuge in Bellillo, where a complete menu covering 94 dishes and drinks is displayed. This restaurant, known for its culinary diversity, is a corner of delicacies that combines the best of Italian cuisine with a touch of authenticity.

The jewel in Bellillo’s crown is its freshly baked pizza, prepared following the traditional techniques that have made it famous all over the world. Diners can expect a typical and authentic Italian dining experience, including classics such as pizza and pasta. However, Bellillo doesn’t stop there; it also offers delicious American-style menus, ranging from burgers to grilled meats.

BELLILLO-Pizzeria-Napoletana-1030x1030The culinary offerings at Bellillo extend to seafood cuisine, with appetizing dishes that honor the flavors of the sea. In addition, those who follow a vegetarian diet will find a wide variety of options to suit their tastes on the menu.

At Bellillo’s bar, diners can relax with a freshly tapped beer, as well as a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The diversity of the offer is reflected in dishes that include fresh fish, meat, beans and potatoes, allowing you to explore the richness of South American cuisine.

Bellillo’s desserts are a true delight and not only appeal to the youngest palates, but also dazzle adults. In addition, the restaurant offers a varied selection of spicy and tasty tapas that deserve a tasting.

Coffee and tea lovers will find in Bellillo a wide range of specialties to satisfy their senses.

For those who prefer vegan options, Bellillo’s menu offers a selection of dishes that completely dispense with animal products, such as milk or meat, providing delicious options for all tastes.

Pizzeria Ottantotto

WEB: http://pizzeriabarottantotto.com/

Passatge d’Utset, 2, 08013 Barcelona

Near the majestic Sagrada Familia, you will find the charming Pizzeria Bar Ottantotto, a place that radiates the charm and craftsmanship of Italian pizza. This pizza house is much more than just a restaurant; it is a sanctuary dedicated to a passion for authenticity and honesty in the kitchen.

Pizzeria-Ottantotto Pizzeria-OttantottoThe motto at Pizzeria Bar Ottantotto is that pizza is an experience, and that is precisely what they offer their diners. From the base to the ingredients, every detail is elaborated with care and love for the Italian tradition. The dough, slowly leavened, is made with Italian organic wheat flour, resulting in a dough of simple but impressive beauty. This dough is a delight to the palate, light and satisfying at the same time.

The sauce, made with premium Italian tomatoes, is baked in the oven for an unmistakable fragrance that blends perfectly with the freshness of the mozzarella, which is 100% fior di latte. The ingredients, both imported from Italy and local, are selected with the utmost care and without shortcuts, guaranteeing quality in every bite.

In addition to the traditional Marinara and Margherita, Pizzeria Bar Ottantotto has designed a variety of pizzas that pay homage to the various regions of Italy. Each of these creations has an ingredient representative of the gastronomic richness of its place of origin, directly imported to maintain authenticity.

The satisfaction of the pizzeria lies in the return of satisfied friends and diners, because for Pizzeria Bar Ottantotto, pizza is more than just a meal; it is a journey through the flavors and aromas of Italy. The beauty of the simple is evident in every dish, in every slice of pizza that comes out of his oven.


Pizzeria Da Nanni Barcelona

WEB: http://pizzeriadanannibcn.com/

Carrer de la Llibreteria, 10, 08002 Barcelona

In Barcelona, Pizzeria Da Nanni presents itself as the epitome of Italian culinary authenticity, offering traditional Neapolitan pizza prepared with top quality ingredients imported directly from Italy, with the prestigious denomination of origin of the Campania region in southern Italy.

Pizzeria Da Nanni ‘s mission is clear and appetizing: to provide diners with the opportunity to taste the best pizza in town. Whether it’s in their cozy premises, through take away service or with the convenience of delivery service, this pizzeria strives to make sure you can enjoy their amazing pizza anytime and anywhere you want.

However, Pizzeria Da Nanni is not limited to pizza, as its gastronomic offer is wide and varied. In addition to its famous pizzas, you can find other Italian specialties, such as calzones and saltimbocca, which dazzle with authentic flavors and impeccable execution. Lovers of Italian cuisine can also delight in a variety of antipasti and the best traditional pasta dishes, masterfully reversioned by the establishment’s chef.

After the resounding success of its first restaurant in the heart of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, Pizzeria Da Nanni has expanded its presence in the city with the opening of a second location in the beautiful and touristic neighborhood of El Born. This new space is larger and more comfortable, designed so that diners can enjoy the 100% Italian gastronomic proposal alone, as a couple or in the company of friends.

The invitation is clear and tempting: Come and try the best pizza in town at Pizzeria Da Nanni. Every visit to this culinary corner is a journey to Italy through authentic flavors and excellence in the preparation of its dishes. From the first bite, you will be convinced that you have found a culinary treasure in the heart of Barcelona.

Les Dues Sicílies Carders, 22

WEB: http://www.lesduesiciliesbcn.com/

C/ dels Carders, 22, 08003 Barcelona

In the heart of Barcelona, a charming story is woven around an establishment that has transformed its destiny over time. The current owners, who are a couple, decided to take a walk around the city and, on their tour, discovered an old enoteca that, surprisingly, had a very different past: it was a bread oven that had been in operation for a century, impregnating the place with the aroma of flour and tradition.

Faced with this revelation, they made a bold decision: to transform the space into an authentic Neapolitan pizzeria in Barcelona. The fusion between the rich history of the place and the passion for Italian cuisine became the soul of the restaurant.

Today, this Italian restaurant in Barcelona is widely recognized as one of the most outstanding in the city. Every corner of the place evokes its rich history as a bread oven, and visiting customers often fondly share anecdotes of that bygone era, creating a special bond with the place.

The culinary experience offered at this pizzeria in Barcelona is exceptional. From delicious pastas to authentic Italian recipes, each dish is a masterpiece in itself. However, the undisputed star of the menu is the pizza, considered the best in Barcelona.

The ovens have been restored with care and attention to detail to achieve perfection in every pizza that comes out of the kitchen. As true lovers of Neapolitan pizza, the owners take pride in creating authentic masterpieces that delight the most demanding palates.

If you are looking for an authentic Italian restaurant in Barcelona, don’t hesitate to visit this special place. The promise is a unique and memorable dining experience, where a passion for authentic Italian cuisine combines with the rich history of the space to offer something truly special. They are waiting for you at their pizzeria and pasta restaurant in Barcelona, ready to give you an experience that captures the essence of the Italian culinary tradition.

Mother Lievito Poblenou

WEB: http://madrelievito.com/

C/ de la Llacuna, 1, 08005 Barcelona

The art of pizza is manifested in its purest form at Madre Lievito restaurants, where the basic ingredients, water, flour and sourdough, are combined with a pinch of magic to create authentic culinary masterpieces.

At Madre Lievito, the pizza stands as a monument to Neapolitan tradition, expertly prepared by skilled hands. Mother yeast is the basis of this creation, and authenticity is pushed to the limit by baking it for just 90 seconds in a stone oven fueled by Mediterranean wood, reaching temperatures of 500°C. This short but intense cooking process is the key to achieving an exceptional pizza, with a base that is light and crispy, and a flavor experience that is simply sublime.

The master craftsmen behind Madre Lievito are the keepers of Neapolitan tradition, and their culinary skill is reflected in every pizza they serve. Every detail, from the selection of ingredients to the cooking process, is imbued with a passion for authenticity and quality.

The result is a culinary experience that transports diners directly to the streets of Naples, where Neapolitan pizza is a revered art. At Madre Lievito, the art of pizza comes to life, and every bite is a celebration of Naples’ rich culinary heritage.

La Bella Napoli Restaurant

WEB: https://www.labellanapolibcn.com

C. de Villarroel, 101, 08011 Barcelona

From the heart of Barcelona, in the bustling Eixample, the restaurant La Bella Napoli stands out as a true emblem of authentic Neapolitan gastronomy. This place offers a unique culinary experience, rich in flavors and with a genuine taste of Naples.

The hallmark of La Bella Napoli lies in the quality of its cuisine, dishes and ingredients. In particular, the dough of their Neapolitan pizzas becomes a culinary work of art thanks to the quality of the ingredients used and their artisanal elaboration. Here, there is no place for additives, colorings or preservatives. The key to its success lies in the special care taken throughout the entire process, from fermentation to the moment the pizza is removed from the wood-fired oven and served, ensuring that diners enjoy the purity and unparalleled taste of a 100% natural and 100% Neapolitan pizza.

Photo property of
La Bella Napoli Restaurant

At La Bella Napoli, the true flavors of Neapolitan cuisine come to life. The pasta dishes they offer come from original recipes passed down from generation to generation in their family. This restaurant is a beacon of family tradition and a passion for doing things right.

Since 1993, La Bella Napoli’s priority has been to offer the highest quality ingredients, delighting diners with the aroma of tradition and the authentic taste of Neapolitan cuisine. In their constant search for excellence, they periodically receive fresh products directly from Italy, which ensures that quality and authenticity are the undisputed protagonists in every dish served at La Bella Napoli.

In short, La Bella Napoli is much more than a restaurant; it is a portal to Naples, where culinary tradition is lived at its best. Every visit to this place is a culinary journey that transports diners to the streets of Naples, with authentic flavors and recipes that have withstood the test of time and are shared with passion and pride.

Parking Pizza

WEB: http://www.parkingpizza.com/

C/ de Londres, 98, 08036 Barcelona

In the heart of the city, behind an entrance that at first glance looks like a garage, hides a culinary surprise that pizza lovers in Barcelona have come to deeply appreciate: Parking Pizza.

Catalans have always shown a special affection for Italian cuisine and, in particular, for pizzas. At Parking Pizza, this love translates into an exceptional dining experience. Here, you will find the gourmet pizza that so many have been looking for, a creation that fuses Italian tradition with a distinctive touch.

What makes Parking Pizza’s pizzas stand out is the wood-fired oven cooking process and the use of premium ingredients. Each pizza becomes a masterpiece, and the menu, although compact, offers a selection of 8 different toppings, each of which promises a feast for the palate. The price, 12 euros per pizza, is an additional attraction that draws lovers of good food to this unique culinary corner.

The atmosphere inside Parking Pizza is equally charming. The place resembles a loft, but the large wooden tables and the warm and cozy atmosphere break with the preconceived idea, justifying the name “pizza bar”. It is the perfect place to enjoy a meal with friends or family, or even for a romantic dinner.

For those who want to explore beyond pizza, Parking Pizza also offers tempting appetizers, fresh salads and delicious ice cream to top off the meal. In short, Parking Pizza is not just a place to eat; it’s a dining experience that celebrates the passion for pizza and quality cuisine in an atmosphere that makes you feel at home. This unique establishment has earned a special place in the hearts of food lovers in Barcelona.

Gusto Ristorante Pizzeria

C/ del Rosselló, 108, 08036 Barcelona

Almost two decades ago, in 2006, a passionate entrepreneur named Mario Riccio started a culinary story that today has become one of the most outstanding pizza restaurants in Barcelona: “Gusto Pizzeria Trattoria”.

What started as a small restaurant has become a reference in the gastronomic scene of Barcelona. Over the years, the menu has been enriched and diversified, offering diners a unique culinary experience.

The menu is currently presented in three distinct sections. The first focuses on the typical dishes of the Neapolitan tradition, allowing visitors to savor the authenticity of Neapolitan cuisine. The second section highlights seasonal dishes recommended by the restaurant’s experts, ensuring that the ingredients are at their peak of freshness and flavor. And finally, there is the section dedicated to the real Neapolitan pizza, a real delight for lovers of this specialty.

When looking for the best pizzeria in Barcelona we can’t forget the atmosphere. The atmosphere at “Gusto Pizzeria Trattoria” is cozy and familiar, which adds a special touch to the dining experience. Diners can feel the true essence of Neapolitan hospitality while enjoying the defining characteristic of this place: the Neapolitan “Taste”.

What distinguishes this restaurant is its dedication and passion in management, a heritage that comes from a family with almost a century of experience in the acceptance and presentation of recipes, wines and dishes of the “Partenopea” culture. Every dish and every glass of wine reflects this rich culinary heritage, conveying to diners the authenticity and tradition of Neapolitan cuisine.

In short, “Gusto Pizzeria Trattoria” is a place where culinary passion and family heritage combine to offer visitors an exceptional dining experience. Over the years, this restaurant has managed not only to keep the Neapolitan tradition alive, but also to elevate it to new heights in the heart of Barcelona.

NAP Antic

Av. de Francesc Cambó, 30, 08003 Barcelona

When a tradition endures over time, it becomes a treasure worth preserving and passing on to future generations. For those who share this commitment, it is an act of deep respect for the work of those who preceded them and a bond with their land that fills them with pride.

In this context, repetition becomes the path to perfection, and precision is the compass that guides the course. Experience, acquired over time, becomes a priceless treasure that accumulates with each working day. Every day is a ritual, where each step is crucial and contributes to the final result.

Pizza, in its essence, is defended as a simple but transcendental creation, a universal culinary jewel. It is a pleasure derived from simple things, but done with care and dedication.

The underlying objective is to provide a fast, high quality and affordable culinary alternative designed to meet the urban lifestyle. Every detail is meticulously followed to meet the historical requirements that define the authentic Neapolitan pizza recipe.

Ultimately, this approach reflects a passion for authenticity and a devotion to tradition. Each pizza becomes a tribute to culinary heritage, and each bite is a celebration of simplicity, quality and the pleasure of things well done. It is a commitment to authenticity, a tribute to those who forged the path and a promise of legacy for generations to come.

Pizzeria Da Nanni BORN

C/ del Rec, 30, 08003 Barcelona

At Pizzeria Da Nanni, the authentic and traditional Neapolitan pizza is a passion served with the highest quality ingredients imported directly from Italy, with the distinction of the denomination of origin of the Campania region in southern Italy. The mission of this establishment is clear: to offer pizza lovers the best culinary experience in the city, whether enjoying it in its cozy premises or through its take away or delivery service, to bring the delicacy of pizza to the comfort of home or any desired place.

Pizzeria-Da-Nanni-BORN-773x1030In addition to the renowned pizzas, diners can explore a wide range of Italian specialties, from calzones to saltimbocca, not to mention delicious antipasti or traditional Italian pasta dishes masterfully reinterpreted by the in-house chef.

After the resounding success of its first restaurant in the heart of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, Pizzeria Da Nanni has taken a step forward by opening a second location in the picturesque neighborhood of El Born. This new space is larger and more comfortable, giving customers the opportunity to enjoy the 100% Italian gastronomic proposal to the fullest, whether alone, as a couple or in a group.

La Balmesina

WEB: https://labalmesina.com

C/ de Balmes, 193, 08006 Barcelona

This Italian restaurant specializing in gourmet pizzas has earned a prominent place in the local gastronomic scene. Its commitment to culinary excellence is manifested through a careful selection of ingredients and a focus on quality that has garnered attention and recognition.

What distinguishes this place are its sourdough pizzas, made with organic flours and a fermentation process of 72 hours. This artisanal method results in a dough that is not only delicious, but also appreciated for its exceptional quality.

The homemade Italian dishes served at this restaurant offer diners an authentic and comforting experience. From pastas to other traditional dishes, every bite evokes the essence of Italian cuisine.

In addition, his focus on natural wines perfectly complements his dishes. This selection of wines enhances the flavors and allows diners to enjoy a complete culinary experience.

This restaurant’s most recent recognition is a testament to its excellence in the category of Best Pizza Napoletana in Spain, an award given at the prestigious Madrid Fusion 2021 competition.

This distinction is a reflection of its ongoing commitment to quality and authenticity.