The 5 best comic stores in our city

The 5 best comic stores in our city
Image courtesy of Waldemar (, all rights reserved.

If there is one thing we know for sure is that Barcelona never disappoints when it comes to culture. And it is for this reason that science fiction lovers find our city very attractive for everything it offers in relation to the world of comics -magazines, merchandising, books, etc.-. This has prompted us to make a list of the best comic stores in Barcelona, we hope you visit them all.

Take a tour of the best comic stores in Barcelona

1. ECC Cómics (number 30, Bonavista de Gracia street)

We couldn’t start talking about any other, the recently opened macro-bookstore dedicated 100% to comics is the ideal place for fans. It is called ECC Comics and is a giant in the sector that publishes, for example, the DC universe such as Batman and Superman, but also issues of the adult line of the American publisher Vertigo.

In terms of floor space, the store occupies 400 square meters and is the fourth brand in Spain and the second in the city of Barcelona, which is now the publisher’s flagship store.

It should be noted that the store also has a 100 m2 basement where events and various presentations will be held.

2. Norma Cómics (Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i la Ribera)

This is one of the best comic stores, or rather a must in your tour, not for nothing is it one of the most recognized in Europe. This is a two-story store that offers all kinds of books, video games, comics, magazines and merchandising related to this fantastic world.

It also has its own imprint: Norma Editorial. They have titles by writers from Spain, and you can also sell your comics.

3. Arkham Cómics (C/ d’en Xuclà, 16, 08001)

This is a rather peculiar store, as it is set in a fantasy style that attracts the attention of even the least enthusiasts, who are tempted to enter and discover all the products they offer, such as books and comics. There you will find new material, both international and national.

4. Continuará Cómics (Vía Laietana, 29, 08003)

This is a landmark in the city, not only because of what it has to offer, but because it is in the heart of Barcelona. This store is charming because it has a main floor filled with science fiction books, magazines and comics – domestic and imported.

5. Best comic stores: Antifaz Cómic (Carrer Gran de Gràcia, 239, 08012)

And we could not close this article without talking about one of the oldest stores in Barcelona and where you can find everything related to the world of comics. In addition, it is located in the Gracia neighborhood, which, by the way, is one of the quietest and will allow you to spend hours in its premises without congestion or bustle.

Are you ready to take the tour of the best comic book stores in town?